ISS 2160 Cultural Diversity in the United States

ISS 2160 Cultural Diversity in the United States (LMS))
Instructor: Lee-Ann Laffey, PhD
1. Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures,
and Opportunities (3rd Edition 2009, Richard D. Bucher Pearson
Mode: Flexible/Online (max 2 lessons per week)
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None.
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What Students Can Expect From This Course
Course Description
Cultural Diversity in the United States offers a platform for discussing the
many kinds of diversity we encounter in the United States today. This course
will attempt to dispel the notion of diversity as merely a synonym for racial
or ethnic issues. Through the study of diversity consciousness and training
related to diversity.
To help you to better understand the power of language.
To help you gain a better understanding of how communication and
culture are interrelated and how miscommunication has been the cause of
more than one war.
United States. As we explore various types of diversity including racial,
discussions, we will examine both the positive and negative experiences that
To consider multiple types of prejudice and discrimination that exist in
the United States and how they have impacted our world.
we will attempt to better understand prejudices and discrimination in the
political, sexual, gender, religious, ethnic and any others that arise from our
To identify personal and social barriers to success and how they are
To help you learn the value of a team based approach to leadership, as
well as conflict management skills and the ability to think critically.
have arisen from laws, actions, cultures, feelings, and protests in the United
Course Outline
This course consists of 7 modules comprising 11 lessons.
Course Objectives and Outcomes
Assessment and Grading:
Course assessment consists of written assignments submitted online using the
To dispel the myths you may have heard or experienced concerning the
nature of diversity and to help you attain a working definition and
understanding of what diversity means in the United States.
To get you to think about the benefits of Diversity education and training
how this may help reduce the number of prejudicial incidents in the
E-Learning Mail tool. There are NO exams in this course
What Is Expected From the Student
You should begin by reading the Start Here section of the online course.
Begin each lesson by reviewing the overview. You should read the relevant
chapter/section of the text for each lesson and any associated readings and
complete ALL learning activities/assignments contained in each lesson.
June 2008