Bmilding Character Psychologists speak of covert and overt

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Bmilding Character
Psychologists speak of covert and overt behavior. Children are affected
by their environment and react not only to that which is verbally stated, but
also to gestures, unspoken words and underlying emotions. Children are by
nature honest and view life in terms of right and wrong. Parents become
role models for their offspring and it is of utmost importance that we
constantly be aware of the impact we have on our chiien. Periodic
introspective evaluations are recommended.
A good slogan to remember is Practice, but do not p m h . If you want
your children to view the life of a shliach as an opportunity to extend the
work of the Rebbe, shlita, to build a Dira B'tachtonim, then imbue the child
with an atmosphere, whereas the sirncha of performing a mitzvah is clearly
By carefully selecting our own reading material, we help our children
become selective with their own books and magazines. Improving our midos
and devoting time to learning will encourage our youngsters to do likewise.
When we view problems as challenges and downfalls as learning situations
or temporary setbacks, it inspires i~ our children the strength to attempt
new ventures and foster self-esteem.
Children learn what they live. Give them the time, a listening ear and
undivided attentisn, whenever required. Patience and understanding is
essential to success.
Those of us who live in New York are proud of the wonderful chiiren of
our shluchim. They serve as an inspiration for our children at "home-base."
Their devotion to the Rebbe, shlita, their enthusiasm for communal activities
and projects are noticed by all. Their midos are often exemplary. These
children, the unsung heroes of shlichus, will W H reap their reward and raise
another generation of shluchim that will ignite and reignite the spark of
Yiddishkeit to strengthen the work of Chabad around the world, and to
hasten the arrival of Moshiach speedily in our days.
This article was based on conversations with the following shluchim:
Devorah Alevsky - Cleveland, Ohio Devorah Shmotkln - Mil~uzlukee,W~sconsin
Tziporah Levertw - Phoenk, Arizona
Masha Vogel - Rochester, New York
Fay Kram - Richmond, Virginia
Rabbi David Edelman - Sprhgfleld,M a s .
Zeesy Raskin - firlington, Vermont
Rabbi Y. M. Popack - Denuer, Colorado
Rochel Rubin -Albany, New York
also Henya Laine - Crown Heights