Yeshiva Gedolah

316 / Shlichus: Meeting the Outreach Challenge
Yeshiva New Haven
Mesivta Achei Tmimim
Boys Torah H. S. of Connecticut
Contact: Rabbi Shea Hecht
(203) 397-1111
Yeshiva Gedolah
New Haven, Connecticut
Contact: Rabbi Y. Kalmanson
Lubavitcher Yeshiva
Brookline, Massachusetts
Contact: Rabbi C. Cirnent
(203) 789-9879
(617) 731-5330
Rabbinical College of America
Yeshiua Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch
For post-High School talmidim, with a strong background in Niglah
and Chassidus, combined with a firm commitment to the ruach of Tomchei
Tmimim. To gain admission, students need a personal recommendation
from their previous Rosh Yeshloa and must be tested by the Hanhalah of
the Yeshiva.
FuU residential and dining facilities are available.
Contact: Rabbi Wiihanski
(201) 984-6326
Landau Torah Center
Miami Beach, Florida
Contact: Rabbi A. Korf, Rabbi L Shapfro
(305) 673-5664
Rabbinical College of Canada
Montreal, Quebec
YeshivaAchei Tmimim
Pittsbwgh, Pa
Contact: Rabbi S. b m e r
(514) 735-2201
Contact: MIRosenfeld
Rabbi E. Rosenblum, (412) 422-7315
BaIs Medrash: Rabbi Y. Rosenblum, (412) 422-73 15