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Between Friends
Newsletter of the Friends of the Library
Fall 2012
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Board of Directors
Karen Franks
John Baumert
Barbara Wilcox
John Steinmetz
Johnnie Brantley
Jack Deinlein
Michael Galimore
Penny Gillie
Listening to Our
Sara Laughlin, MCPL Director
uring the next few years, we anticipate
dramatic changes in our operating
environment, as primary producers of
books, music, and movies move toward digital
distribution of content and mobile devices,
become ubiquitous, causing changes in patrons’
learning and information seeking behaviors. We
also expect continued stiff competition for local
government funding within constrictions set by
the state legislature.
As a result, we are engaged in a strategic
planning process to create a plan to guide the
library’s services over the next few years. In the
spring, we formed a Strategic Planning Steering
Committee, with representatives from the Library
Board, staff, and community. Barbara Wilcox and
John Baumert are representing the Friends of the
The first “community listening” process was a
three-day Future Search conference facilitated
by consultants Jennifer Wilding and Mary
Jo Draper from Consensus Kansas City. A
“Library Futures” report, prepared by staff, and
a benchmark study comparing Monroe County
Public Library to Indiana libraries of similar size
A patron signs up for a library card. What would the best
Monroe County Public Library provide 5 years from now?
and top-ranked U.S. libraries became important
background reading for the 61 participants in the
conference. The conference was “big, fun, and
future-oriented,” as promised, and the participants
created exciting action areas for the library.
In early August, 3,000 community members
received a survey in their mailboxes, giving our
broader community a chance to weigh in on the
exciting possibilities emerging from the Future
Search conference. As I write this, the consultants
in Kansas are beginning to receive the completed
surveys and enter and analyze them. By the end of
the month, we will have the results to share with our
Steering Committee.
Stephanie Holman
Judy Novit
Sue Polsgrove
Judy Shettleroe
Lois Sparks
Using the Future Search input, the community
survey responses, the Futures Committee report,
and their own knowledge of the library and our
community, the Committee will review the library’s
mission and vision and create broad goals.
Helena Walsh
On October 10, during Staff Day at the library, the
entire staff will work together to draft action plans
to carry out the goals. Once the plan is completed,
the library Board of Trustees will consider adoption.
We’re excited about the future of the library!
Monroe County
Public Library
303 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408
Future Search Conference participants create action
plans to direct future library goals.
To read the Futures Committee report, the benchmarking study, and Monroe County population projections or view a slide show of the Future Search
conference, visit: monroe.lib.in.us/about/strategicplanning-2012. ▪
Our Mission: The Friends of Monroe County Public Library support the mission, vision, and
values of the library. The Friends advocate for Monroe County Public Library and support library
collections, services, programs, and staff development.
2012 Campaign for Excellence
Barbara Wilcox, Campaign for Excellence Committee Chair
ave you given any thought to what it takes
for a library to keep pace with an expanding
information universe?
Each day brings new ideas, discoveries, and interpretations. This means new books for children, teens, and
adults in various formats— print, large print, audio,
and electronic. Each year brings new music by new
artists and old music in new performances—on CD
and in downloadable formats. Each season brings
new movies, remakes of classics, and television series
which are available as DVDs or electronic downloads.
Monroe County has new language communities who
look to the library for materials, and it has English
language speakers with an interest in learning new
languages. We now take for granted that each year will
bring new technologies for presenting information and
entertainment, like e-readers and tablets, along with
the people who will need help learning to use those
Supporting literacy, learning, and engagement in a diverse
community is no small challenge! It goes without saying
that MCPL’s collection budget can only stretch so far.
That’s why the Friends of the Library 2012 Campaign for
Excellence focus is building the collections.
We are fortunate to have Sally and Jim Harvey as Honorary
Co-Chairs in our effort. From their perspective as parents,
long-time Monroe County educators, and devoted library
patrons, they remind us of the many ways we each rely on
Monroe County Public Library for information, entertainment, assistance, and inspiration.
Visit mcpl.info/friends/campaign-excellence-2012 to learn
more or to donate online. Please help us raise $25,000 to
build the collections that all will enjoy. ▪
“Count your savings over the years—the
books, music, movies, magazines, and
newspapers you have enjoyed and not
had to buy. Then think of the services,
the programs, the assistance, and the
kindheartedness of the staff.
Your gift will ensure that our awardwinning library continues to enrich the
lives of many more in our community in
the years to come.”
Between Friends ▪ Fall 2012
Sally and Jim Harvey, honorary co-chairs for the 2012
Campaign for Excellence enjoy the library.
The Board of Directors extends their heartfelt thanks to all of our current Friends of the
Library members and donors who give so generously to support our mission to make
our library a vital part of our community.
21st Century
Sally and Jim Harvey
Dr. Frank and Becky Hrisomalos
Karen Hrisomalos, D.D.S., and
Gary Gettelfinger, M.D.
Tim and Sara Laughlin
Elisabeth P. Myers
Lee Ehman and Barbara Wilcox
James Ackerman
Eva and Matthew Allen
Scott and Paula Anderson
Claire Arbogast
Marian Armstrong
Mark and Mary Clare Bauman
John and Jean Boquist
Bert and Johnnie Brantley
Stephen G. Brantley
Alexander and Virginia Buchwald
Susan Bucove
Kyle and Dana Cattani
CFC Properties
Jean Creek
Gary and Karen Crum
Delta Theta Tau
Steven and Karen Franks
Ruth C. Engs-Franz
Allen Grimshaw
Bryan and Jessika Hane
M Phil and Margaret Hathaway
Ann and Jim Heath
Pat Hodge
Frank and Lydia Hoffman
Joan P. Hongen
Eugene and Elaina Kintgen
Paul Kuznets and Gretchen Kromer
Phyllis and David Little
John Mason
Terri Bleuel and Charles McCalla
Ann R. McIntosh
Valerie Merriam
Breon and Lynda Mitchell
Eric and Linda Mjolsnes
Toni Moseman
Mitchell and Judy Novit
Richard and Jill Olshavsky
Charmain “Tommie” Owens
Patricia and Anthony Pizzo
Phil and Eva Rambo
James B. Rickert, M.D.
Norma and Eugene Rousseau
John and Mary Rucker
Nancy and Jerry Ruff
David and Marlon Rust
Sarah Ryterband
Richard and Carole Sanders
Scott and Ruth Sanders
Jean Umiker-Sebeok
Janice G. Skinner
Ellen M. Snyder
Paul Vincent Spade
Gary and Anne Steigerwald
Susan Thrasher
James and Carol Touloukian
Betsy S. Walsh
William and Mary Wiatt
Michael O’Connell and
W. Joann Wong
Rita Grunwald
Ron Pennington
Kathleen Plucker
Barbara Randall
Douglas Wissing
Deborah Robinson, Virginia
and Eleanor Baude
Cynthia Baxter
Robert Bayer
James M. Becker
Joseph and Marjorie Belth
Bob and Mary Bent
Craig Coley, Heather Blair and Madrona
Marsha R. Bradford
Charlene and Mark Braun
Doris P. Brineman
Jim and Dana Burton
Patty and Danny Callison
Richard and Diana Carr
Edwin and Amy Cheek
Sandra Clark
Lisa and Jack Deinlein
Marc and Liesel deMeyenburg
Mimi and Marc Dollinger
Susan El-Shamy
Christopher and Nancy Goss
Catherine Gossett
John and Marilyn Harder
Martha Harsanyi
Tom and Carla Hedges
LuAnne and Bill Holladay
John M. and Helen L. Hollingsworth
Laura Kao
Mark Kehoe
Leah Ketcham
Susan Klein
Diana Lambdin and Frank Lester
Jeanne and Jim Madison
Dan and Judy Maki
John and Julie Martin
Ed and Ann McEndarfer
Between Friends ▪ Fall 2012
Lee and Maria McKinley
Sherry Holliday and Eric Mitter
Patrick and Glenda Murray
Tom and Claire Nisonger
Cinda and Joe O’Connor
Harold and Denise Ogren
Jane and Werner Otten
Kent and Suzann Owen
Margaret and J. Patrick Page
Bill and Phyllis Perkins
Angelo Pizzo
Sue and Lew Polsgrove
Sandra Quirk
Linda R. Rethmeyer
Idalene Kesner and Paul Robins
Darlene J. Sadlier
Louise Schlesinger Gaebler Family
Steve Seitzinger
Carol Shapiro
Bob and Judy Shettleroe
Rebecca Stanze
Janet C. Stavropoulos
Gene and Ellen Stern
Cliff and Joan Travis
Carolyn Lipson-Walker and
George Walker
Betsy and Jim Watson
Paul J. Watts
Gary and Mia Wiggins
Gary and Millie Wittlich
Peggy Zonkle
Miranda Addonizio
Chris Alford
James and Susan Alling
Robert and Penny Austin
Stephen Baer
John H. Baumert
Cheryl Baumgart
Mildred Bern
Gary and Joan Bishop
Michael Litwin and Mary Blizzard
Nola Bloemendaal
Anne Bright
Rebecca and Judah Cohen
Dan and Debbi Conkle
Kate Cruikshank
Frank and Ruth DiSilvestro
Deborah Myerson & Patrick Dove
Andrew R. Durkin
Shirley Fitzgibbons
Casey Fredericks
Mike and Kathy Galimore
Claire Gillen
Scott, Penny and Mariah Gillie
Kathryn and Craig Holden
Ruth Ann Holman
Stephanie Holman
Jim and Rebecca Holmes
Katherine Hopkins
Melissa Hullinger
Patrick Inglefield
Lisa Champelli & Christopher Jackson
Dot and Steve King
Jack and Sylvia King
Kate Kroll
Katherine Lazerwitz
Bess and Joe Lee
The Lemieux Family
Barry and Denise Lessow
Don and Rita Lichtenberg
Dot and Sam Mallor
Barbara B. Martin
Phyllis Martin
Ann and Ed McEndarfer
The Merriman Family
Stuart and Ellen Mufson
Jerry and Ginny Myerson
Jean Nakhnikian
Gloria Noone
June and Larry Onesti
Dennis Organ
Nina A. Ost
John W. Owens
Christina Collins and Caesar Pacifici
Nazareth Pantaloni, III
Charles and Pat Parmenter
Jim Pershing
Hilary Aydt and Jacquelyn Petzold
Tom Zeta and Laura Pinhey
Frona and Ron Powell
Mary Burch Ratliff
Ron Remak
Betty Rieger
Sharyn and Jim Riley
Mara-Lea Rosenbarger
Wendy and Dick Rubin
Gaye Rumple
Dr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Schechter
Stan and Sue Shapiro
Dirk Fraser and Leah Shopkow
Cletis and Lois Sparks
Sue Stancu
Janos Starker
Christa Stone
Diane and Terence Thayer
Tri Kappa, Inc. - Ellettsville
Kari and Cody Wagner
Mrs. Judy Walcoff
Peter and Katherine Wallskog
Hank and Elizabeth Rubin Walter
Ron White
Charlotte and Dave Willian
Bill and Victoria Witte
Bob Flynn and Yvonne Wittmann
A library is not simply a repository of books, it is the symbol and center of our culture… a door
and a window for those who might not otherwise have such doors and windows.
—Amy Tan, author
Bloomington Sandwich Company
Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth Pizza &
Cairril.com Design & Marketing
Chicago’s Pizza of Bloomington
Ellettsville Dental Center
First Insurance Group
Le Petit Cafe
Michael’s Uptown Cafe
Gilbert S. Mordoh and Co., Inc.
Oliver Wine Company
One World Enterprises
Tim and Kathi Adams
Adeleke and Wosilat Adeyemi
Salih and Amal Altoma
Dorothy Ansart
Ellen Arnholter
Paul and Carol Arnold
Cynthia Bannon
Ruth Beasley
Roger Beckman and Andrea Singer
Terri Bell
Mariana Belmonte
Jean Schelm and Mark Blackwell
Nancy and Peter Boerner
Jo Anne Bowen
Marilyn Bowie
Charlie and Christie Bowman
Linda Burton
Marsha Cassetty
Miriam M. Castaneda
Paul Caudill
Lee J. Chapman
Sue Childress and Family
Pam Wasmer and James Chiplis
Dan and Connie Clark
Ron and Joanna Clees
Patti Coil
David and Valerie Compton
Loretta Condra
Melva Cooper
Tina Costin
Ronald and Evelyn Crowe
Carol Curry
Olga Diamondis
David and Kathy Dilcher
Luann Dillon
Martina Celerin and Jim Drummond
Hilda Dyer
Karen Easterday
Maggie Sullivan and Will Emigh
David L. Ferguson
Kathy and Don Fisher
John and Ella Fox
Between Friends ▪ Fall 2012
Jo Ann and Jon Frogue
Mary E. Gaither
Tom and Kitty Garlock
Sheila Gerber
Michael and Patricia Gleeson
Teresa S. Glenn
Linda Joachim Gluff
Edward and Sydelle Grant
Paula A. Griesel
Donald Halford
Dorothy E. Hanvey
Gloria Hasler and Lara Hasler
Jane W. Hatchel
Steve Hendricks
Zeke, Stephanie & Dexter Henline
Catharine Hoff
Chris Holmes
Ruth Houdeshel
BJ Irvine
Kari Isaacson
Judith and Marshall Jacobs
Art Jayne
Donald and Wendy Jensen
Autumn Johnson
Kim Alexander & Bruce Johnson
David and Susan Jones
Jenny Kander
Allison Denny & Topher Kandik
Kellar Family
Janet Kennedy
David Keppel
Wesley A. and Mary W. Kissel
Jeff and Lily Kleinlein
Debra and Peter Kloosterman
Bethany and Brandon Knight
Julie Kocher
Andrew and Mihee Kort
Nina Krause
Paul E. Lane
Rachel Lawmaster
Jongha Lee
Gary Lettelleir
Nita Levison
Peter and Carol Lorenzen
Doris Lynch
Helen Malin
Edward and Phyllis Man
Donna Marcus
Jane and Max Marsh
Barbara S. Marthaler
Antonia Matthew
David McFarland
Margaret Meadors
Ruth Meserve
P.E.A.C.E. Meyer
Stephen C. and Sandra S. Moberly
Rhonda Mobley
Lou and Leslie Modesitt
Chris and Kelly Molloy
Julie Van Voorhis & Andrei
Audrey Morgan
Sue Morgan
Emilie C. Murray
Dr. Nuha Musa and Family
Michele Needham
John R. and Rosalie A. Neel
Loretta Neidigh
Dr. Anabel P. Newman
Janet Patterson
Rachel Pedersen
Nina Perlina
Roger and Nancy Pfingston
Kathy Potts
Shirley Pugh
Katy and Ken Ratcliff
Michael & Mary Jean Regoli
Sharon Rout
Dave and Jodie Sackley
Karen and Bill Sartoris
Brenda D. Seibel
Marian Shaaban
Amina B. Shabani
Tony and Jan Shipps
Ruth Skernick
Matthew Slatkin
Julia D. Slaymaker
Lary Smith
Rhonda Spencer
Charles A. Sprague
Dale Steffey
Drew and Delores Stewart
Linda Stickforth
Nancy J. Stockwell
Janie Stoehr
Richard and Susan Stryker
Paula W. Sunderman
Jim and Doretta Swinson
Heidi Tebbe
George and Sylvia Turchyn
Barbara Vance
Meredith Vaughn
Helena Walsh
Bobbie and Martin Weinberg
Rachel Wheeler
Holly Whitford
Katherine Wiley
Lisa and Brent Williams
Cy and Nitsa Williams
Charles Willis
Dorothy D. Wilson
The Wiser Family
Hilda Woodfork
Giovanni Zanovello
Marilyn J. Zimmerman
Memorial Gifts
In Memory of
Diane Singleton
Roxanne and Bob Loomis
Honorary Gifts
In Honor of Professor
James Madison
The Woman’s Club
In Honor of Judy Novit
Joseph and Marjorie Belth
Campaign for
Excellence Donors
Derek Bakker
Bert and Johnnie Brantley
Edwin and Amy Cheek
Sally and Jim Harvey
Lee Ehman and Barbara Wilcox
Hoosier Hills
Group Donors
Ron and Joanna Clees
Shirley Evans
Ruth Fishel
Constance Fleetwood
Nan Harvey
David and Susan Jones
Leah Ketcham
Dennis and Susan Knapczyk
Diamond Mather
Erma McCoy
George McVee
Dorothy D. Wilson
Judy and Robert Woodley
Bert and Johnnie Brantley
Patty and Danny Callison
Dan and Debbi Conkle
Lisa and Jack Deinlein
Steve Hendricks
IU Mortar Board,
Mrs. Granville Wells Chapter
Tammie Lehr
Julie Van Voorhis & Andrei Molotiu
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T.I.S., Inc.
Peggy Zonkle
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Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and
inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries
change lives for the better. —Sidney Sheldon
NEW Indiana Room Digital Collection:
The Smithville News (1897 – 1915)
early 100 years after the death of Smithville co-founder A. F. Bennett, his
descendants discovered 75 issues of a newspaper long forgotten. They
approached the Indiana Room and IU Libraries to see if the collection could
be digitized. Although giddy at first, the project team hustled to find funding and was
successful. Launch www.mcpl.info/smithvillenews to browse the collection, which
also includes photos.
In 1897 Ralph B. Carter (another Bennett descendant) started the newspaper the
same year he brought the first telephone exchange to Smithville. The paper covered
limestone, railroad, society, and church news as well as typical village mischief:
Angora cat held for ransom, a decapitation, and a dead dog left on an organ bench.
Mary Bennett’s name is handwritten on most of the issues, but it wasn’t until the
end of the project that we found out more about Mary. Her 1909 obituary states that
she “always longed to get out and be with other young people, but her weakened
condition prevented her from enjoying any of the pleasures of life.” Stuck in a house
full of active siblings and living in an era before the MCPL “Book Truck,” we might
remember Mary – who died at age 21 – as a kindred spirit; the kind of person who
just wanted something good to read.
This project is part of the Indiana Memory Digital Library and is made possible by a
grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the Library and
Services and Technology Act as administered by the Indiana State Library. Additional
support came from IU Libraries, IU Digital Library Program, Monroe County History
Center, Smithville Area Association, and the Friends of Monroe County Public
Library. For more information, contact the Indiana Room at 349-3080. ▪
Photo Courtesy of the Smithville Area Association.
Clearance Sale!
Thank you for your support of the
Bookstore Clearance Sale. Thanks to
our many patrons, the March sale raised
$4,190 which will be used to support
library needs.
The next regular Bookstore Clearance
Sale in Room 1B at the Main Library
will be October 12-15. We will have
a Friends members only preview sale
Thursday evening, October 11 from
5:30 - 7. Don’t miss the great bargains!
If you are interested in helping to set up
or in working at the sale, please contact
Barbara Wilcox at wilcoxb@indiana.
edu. ▪
Friends spread the word about the library at the Bloomington 4th of July Parade.
Between Friends ▪ Fall 2012
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One-on-One Computer Help
ap into our library’s resources by signing up for a 60
minute one-on-one computer assistance session. You
can get help with questions such as setting up an email
account, downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks, Word and
Excel basics, starting a job search, using a flash drive, sending
an attachment, using our library catalog, and finding information online. You could even learn how to sign up for your own
Facebook page or Twitter account to better keep up with what
is happening at your library!
To celebrate National Friends of the Library Week,
Uptown Cafe will host a Dine Out with a Friend
day on Tuesday, October 16 from 7am-10pm.
That’s right, dine and donate at breakfast, lunch,
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days to schedule your appointment. The form includes a place
to tell us what you hope to learn. Please be as specific as possible so they can be prepared to assist you. You are welcome
to bring your own device, however librarians cannot troubleshoot or help with malfunctioning computers or devices. ▪
Thursdays ..................... Noon–7 pm
Saturdays...................... Noon–5 pm
The Friends Bookstore is located on the first
floor of Monroe County Public Library, at
the back of Movies and Music. ▪
Friends of the Library
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