French 2 - Norwin School District

Course Name: French II
Grading Period
First Nine Weeks
Course Number: WLG652
Review of French I vocabulary, verbs
Telling Time
Weather expressions
Faire/ Faire expressions
Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir
Information questions
People vocabulary
Length of Course: Year
Students will be able to:
Use level 1 content correctly
Describe the weather
Conjugate faire
Use faire in idiomatic expressions
Tell time
Use to wish, be able to and have to correctly
Create and respond to information questions
Say, use, spell people vocabulary
Second Nine Weeks
Adjective vocabulary (7 different groups)
Forms, placement of regular adjectives
Irregular adjectives beau, nouveau, vieux, gros, long,
gentil, bon
Placement of irregular adjectives
Color vocabulary and forms
Christmas activity
Personal possession vocabulary
Say, use, spell 100+ adjectives with correct
forms and placement
Use colors correctly
Say, use spell personal possession vocabulary
Write a letter to Pere Noel in French using
everything learned to this point
Grading Period
Third Nine Weeks
-ir verbs in present tense
-re verbs in present tense
Time expressions
Passé composé of regualar –er, -ir, -re verbs
Passé composé of avoir, être, faire
Begin reading short novel
Students will be able to:
Conjugate and use regular –ir and –re verbs in
present tense
Give commands, suggestions
Say, use spell expression that denote tense
Use regular verbs in the past tense
Use to have, to be, to make, to do in the past
Develop strategies to read in French
Fourth Nine Weeks
Present tense of Vandertramp verbs
Aller + infininitve
Venir de + infinitive
Vandertramp in passé compose
Vocabulary, things in a bedroom
Avoir expressions
Vocabulary, community
Emphatic pronouns
Finish reading novel
Conjugate Vandertramp verbs in present tense
Use immediate future
Use immediate past
Conjugate Vandertramp verbs in the past tense
Say, spell, use bedroom vocabulary
Say, spell, use community vocabulary
Use additional avoir expressions
Give and follow directions
Use emphatic pronouns
Finish and discuss novel