Health Services Administration

Health Services Administration
2015-2016 Miami Dade College Transfer Guide
College Nursing and Health Sciences
 Bachelor of Health Services Administration
 Limited Access Program
Transfer Requirements
 Completion of Associate of Arts (AA) degree
 Cumulative Transfer GPA: 2.5
Special Notes
 A grade of B- or better is required for all pre-requisite courses
 General Education Math: MAC 1105- College Algebra is not required for this major, we
strongly recommend that you complete MGF 1106 or MGF 1107 at MDC
MDC Course
ECO 2023 Principles of Economics (Micro)
FIU Equivalent
ECO 2023
ACG 2021 Financial Accounting
ACG 2021
ACG 2071 + ACG 2071L Managerial Accounting
ACG 3301
CGS 1060 Introduction to Microcomputer Usage
CGS 2060
STA 2023 Statistical Methods
STA 2023
Important Note: Students are strongly encouraged to complete these courses as part of their AA degree.
Pending pre-requisite(s) may be completed at FIU after transfer but may delay time to graduation.