Matter Flashcards

Matter Flashcards
1. Matter
2. Mass
3. Volume
4. Which unit of measurement are milliliters used for? cm3? Grams? Grams/ml?
5. How does mass differ from weight?
6. Density
7. What is the formula for finding density?
8. Be able to find the mass, volume, and density of an object.
9. How is water different from other substances?
10. What does an object’s ability to float depend on?
11. Buoyancy
12. The density of water is 1 g/mL. If an object has a density that is greater than 1 g/mL,
that object will ___. If the object’s density is less than 1 g/mL, it will ___.
13. List four properties of matter.
14. Element
15. Compound
16. What does a chemical formula for a compound tell you?
17. Atom
18. An element is determined by the number of this particle in an atom’s nucleus.
19. What is one property that is true for all metals?
20. What element is H? S? O? Na? Cl? C?
21. Molecule
22. Draw and label the structure of an atom using the periodic table.
23. How do the three states of matter differ?
24. What state will a substance be in below its freezing point? Between freezing and
boiling point? Over the boiling point?
25. What processes occur that changes water’s states of matter?
26. There will not be an essay portion for this test, but you will take a lab test. Refer to
flashcard #8.