Leadership Styles Project Guidelines

Determine appropriate leadership style for a specific situation and apply to the situation
1. Identify the purpose of leadership, the ethical dimensions of leadership and the relationship between leaders
and team members
2. Identify leadership styles and traits of leaders
3. Identify the impact of individual differences and different situations on the practice of leadership
4. Assess strengths and weaknesses of leaders and team members and employ team-building techniques
Selection Business or Organization_________________________________________________________ You may complete a prezi, poster, graphic organizer, paper, google
presentation, or a combination to meet the tasks.
Task #1- Complete this task by selecting 1 agricultural organization or
company (no 2 people can do the same one). Analyze their employee
structure, mission statement, goals, training program, and other data.
Examples- Ohio Farm Bureau, American Farm Bureau, National FFA
Organization, Commodity Groups, Pioneer, Monsanto, National Swine
Registry, NRA, Lincoln, John Deere, etc.
Task #2- List the pros and cons of each of these 10 leadership styles. What
types of leaders does the company you selected value or employ? Explain
your choices. Provide 1 example of a person who exhibits each leadership
Common leadership styles include:
1. Autocratic leadership.
2. Bureaucratic leadership.
3. Charismatic leadership.
4. Democratic/participative leadership.
5. Laissez-faire leadership.
6. People/relations-oriented leadership.
7. Servant leadership.
8. Task-oriented leadership.
9. Transactional leadership.
10. Transformational leadership.
Task #3-­‐ Provide a current event or a real-­‐world situation involving the company you chose. (print article or provide a detailed account) Answer the following questions-­‐ How did leadership styles impact the event you chose? What individual differences could a different leadership style have impacted the results? If you were in charge of this organization, what types of employees would you want and employ and explain why. Task #4-­‐ Take this assessment and list your results. http://www.yourleadershiplegacy.com/assessment/assessment.php Ambassador Advocate People Mover Truth-­‐ Seeker Creative Builder Experienced Guide What category was your highest score? _____________________________________ Find or develop a NEW team-­‐ building technique (the FFA has not done) for this category to complete with the class next week. Maximum of 5 minutes. This paper must be submitted for a grade on this project. Submitted via Grade /25 Task 1 /25 Task 2 /25 Task 3 Presented with class /25 Task 4 Name ________________________________________________________________________