General Purpose packages : You will learn how to use software

What will I learn in Standard Grade Computing Studies course?
The Standard Grade Computing Studies syllabus aims to develop:
knowledge and understanding of the uses of computers, how they operate,
and their effect on the individual and society • the ability to apply
knowledge and understanding of computing facts in order to find solutions
to problems • practical abilities in the use of computers and computer
software in order to solve practical problems.
General Purpose packages : You will learn how to use software packages
to a more advanced level and as tools to problem solving (Word
Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentation, HTML, Web Design,
Expert Systems, Desk Top Publishing, Integrated Packages and creating
Digital Movies and animation. Networks and Communications is essential
to this unit too.
Automated Systems : You will learn the importance, advantages and
disadvantages of computerising and automating industrial systems such as
the use of computers in control, design and simulation. You will be
involved with studying Robots, CAD, CAM, CNC and Simulation. You will
use Floorplan 3D to design your own 3D house with garden!
Commercial Data Processing : You will learn the importance, advantages
and disadvantages of Computing and ICT in the Commercial and Industrial
world. It gives an overview of large scale data processing and the main
stages of data processing, for example banking, mail order, payroll and
stock control.
Computer Systems : You will learn all about the hardware (general and
specialised) and software (operating systems, translators); and how the
computer works using computing terminology (RAM, ROM, Mb, Gb, CPU,
ALU, addressability, etc…)
Programming : This is wholly a practical topic! All software that you have
used or will use (word processors, paint, games, etc…) are instructions
given to the computer that were written by people using a programming
language. You will learn how to write small programs. Programming helps
you to think logically and to solve problems effectively in all areas of life.
You break down a problem into smaller elements; design a solution;
implement it; and then evaluate it
Assessments/ Folio/ Practical Abilities (PA)
In any job (and subject) you do, communication skills are very important.
All these Practical Abilities will help you to solve problems and
communicate your analysis of the problem; your design of your solution;
and your evaluation of the solution. So, although you may be a whiz kid at
doing practical work, you still have to spend a great deal of time report
writing in all of the 5 folio tasks. Marks are allocated to analysis, design,
implementation and evaluation, which are all presented as a report!
The 5 FOLIO tasks are as follows :2 Non-Programming practical abilities
2 Programming practical abilities
1 Project.
Theory Assessments
You will be given 6 End of Topic Tests (3 for General Purpose packages; 1
for Automated Systems; 1 for Commercial Data Processing; and 1 for
Computer Systems).