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Frequently Asked Questions
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (LSS)
General Program
Q: What are the prerequisites for LSS Green Belt Training?
A: This course has no prerequisites but an understanding of basic statistics is helpful. This course is
primarily targeted at management personnel in manufacturing, engineering, maintenance, technical,
quality, finance, IT, and other support areas. Other people who may consider attending include sales and
customer support management personnel.
Q: Am I required to currently be in a process improvement role in my organization?
A: There is no requirement for you to be formally in a process improvement role. You just need to show
that you’ve learned and successfully applied the learning to a process within your organization should
you intend to obtain the full certification.
Q: Do I require a text book for this course?
A: No, participants will be given a reusable flash drive containing the digital materials for the course.
Q: What other materials do I require for this course?
A: Participants need to bring a laptop/power cord, with a calculator function, to class in order to use the
materials. Power bars will be supplied throughout the course.
Q: How are the classes structured?
A: Courses are completed over five consecutive days at the University of Calgary campus. Classes are
scheduled from 8:30AM-4:30PM and allow one hour for lunch per day. On the final day, participants
will receive a half-day review followed by the final exam. Participants are responsible for their own
Q: How is the exam structured?
A: The exam will be completed during the final afternoon of the course. Participants will be allowed
three hours to complete an open-book exam comprised of multiple choice and short answer questions
based on the material learned during the course. The minimum passing score is 70%. You will receive
your exam report card within seven (7) calendar days of completing the exam.
Q: Do I receive a certificate for completing the course?
A: Yes, participants who successfully attend all training days and score 70% or higher on the exam will
receive a certificate of course completion from the University of Calgary. Please note that this certificate
is not the actual Green Belt certification.
Q: Can I retake the in-class exam if I fail?
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A: Yes. You are eligible to rewrite the final examination one time only within 365 calendar days of the
original examination date.
1. You may rewrite the exam within the first 60 calendar days (as of the original examination
date), without any additional classroom training. The rewrite fee is $200.00
2. After 60 days you must complete SatiStar’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt refresher training (3
days) prior to attempting to rewrite the final exam. The fee for the refresher training and the
exam rewrite is $895.00. This is not currently offered through Continuing Education.
Green Belt Designation
Q: How do I obtain Green Belt certification?
A: Participants must attend a five-day course, pass an exam, and complete a process improvement
project within one year of completing the course.
Q: Do I have to complete the project?
A: The project is not required to complete the course and receive a certificate of course completion but
is required to obtain the Green Belt certification.
Q: How do I sign up for the project?
A: Participants interested in completing the certification project should contact SatiStar directly for
further information. SatiStar can be reached at 1-905-829-0911 or [email protected]
Q: What is the cost for completing the project?
A: The project fee is $550CAD paid directly to SatiStar. This fee includes basic project assistance via
email, grading of the project and completion of the Green Belt certification process.
Q: How long do I have to complete the project?
A: Participants must complete and submit their project within one year of course completion. Most
students typically complete the project within 5-12 weeks following the end of the course.
Q: Can I complete the project after one year has passed from the last day of my course?
A: Technical aspects of the selected project might result in the project taking longer than one year to
complete. In these exceptional circumstances you can be accommodated, as long as you have obtained
agreement from SatiStar within the first six (6) months of course completion. It is strongly
recommended that you discuss this possibility as soon as you can with your instructor.
Q: Do I have to pick my project topic prior to attending the course?
A: No, participants interested in the project should bring three ideas to class for further examination. The
instructor will assist you in selecting the project that is most likely to succeed. If you are unable (or it is
impractical) to identify a suitable project, then SatiStar might be able to help by identifying a potential
project for a sponsoring organization.
Q: How is the project structured?
A: Participants should demonstrate proper use of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, and
the project must generate quantified results that are important to your management team.
Q: Who grades the projects?
A: Completed projects should be submitted to SatiStar for grading and will be reviewed by two certified
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts. Responses will be provided to the student within a maximum of
five (5) working days after submission.
Q: What do I receive once I have successfully completed the project?
A: Participants who successfully pass the process improvement project will be awarded Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt Certification accompanied by a Certificate of Achievement, and will be invited to the
University of Calgary Continuing Education Graduation Ceremonies held each June.