warehouse relocations

Faced with the need to move their production shops and warehouses, business managers find
themselves faced with a king-sized headache. How do they move all that inventory and
equipment, and stay functional at the same time? The simple answer is: they plan. The more
complex answer is: they plan intelligently.
Relotech is a consulting company capable of relocating your warehouse, plant and machinery
on time and on budget. We have a proven track record of success in managing both simple and
complex projects. We are equipped and familiar with what it takes to move any kind of business.
Whether you need an office move, stock move, or both, the collective knowledge of our
company and our associates can handle it. Relotech has experience in people and industrial
moves, including offices, server rooms, shops, warehouses, stockrooms and yards.
We understand the details involved in industrial moves, overseeing these projects from
beginning to the end. We coordinate larger projects by working with multiple contractors.
Deadlines are set and progress is monitored to keep projects on schedule and within budgeted
costs. Through meticulous planning and superior project management, we will develop solutions
that address the unique needs of your industrial relocation.
Moving these types of operations requires sophisticated planning and attention to detail. Our
teams have done hundreds of projects large and small and know what is involved in getting
everybody working together. Relotech and our associates have the equipment, vehicles and the
team to plan and coordinate complex projects.
Through meticulous planning and superior project management , we will develop customized
solutions that address the unique needs of your industrial relocation.
We understand the challenges relocations can pose on businesses, large and small. Excessive
company moving costs, pre-move planning and down-time are huge factors! We will work with
you to find the best solutions for your industrial and electronics relocation; solutions that are
within your budget and flow within your business moving timeline. Our relocation services will be
orchestrated around your company's work schedule, making your warehouse relocation and
transition as smooth as possible.
Relotech Inc.
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