Audience and Purpose Primary audience: Secondary audience(s

Audience and Purpose
Primary audience:
(name, title)
Secondary audience(s):
(technicians, managers, other)
Relationship with audience:
(colleague, employer, other)
Purpose of document:
(inform, instruct, persuade)
Audience and purpose statement:
Intended use of document:
(perform tasks, solve a problem, other)
Information needs:
(background, basic facts, other)
Technical background:
(layperson, expert, other)
Cultural considerations:
(level of detail or directness, other)
Probable questions:
Probable reaction:
(resistance, approval, anger, other)
Audience Preferences about the Document
Length and detail:
(comprehensive, conscise, other)
Format and medium:
(letter, memo, Web posting, other)
Due date and timing:
(businesslike, confident, informal, other)
(meet deadline, wait for the best time, other)
(what can be spent on what)
Figure 2.7 Audience and Use Profile