Audience Analysis Worksheet

Write your answers using complete, grammatical sentences.
Audience Identity and Needs
Primary audience:
Secondary audience:
Intended use of document:
(Perform a task, solve a problem, other)
Prior knowledge about this topic:
(Expert, knows nothing, a few details, other)
Additional information needed:
(Background, demographics, other)
Probable questions:
Audience’s Probable Attitude and Personality
Attitude toward topic:
(Indifferent, skeptical, other)
Probable objections:
(Cost, time, none, other)
Probable attitude toward this writer:
(Intimidated, hostile, receptive, eager to learn, other)
Persons most affected by this document:
Personality or temperament:
(Cautious, impatient, technophobe, other)
Probable reactions to document:
(Resistance, approval, anger, guilt, other)
Any risk of alienating anyone? Who?
Audience Expectations about Document
Reason document originated:
(Audience request, my idea, supervisor request, other)
Amount of detail or acceptable length of document:
(Comprehensive, concise, other)
Relevance or importance of information to audience:
(Interpretations, costs, conclusions, other)
Most useful arrangement or organization of ideas:
(Problem-causes/solutions, chronological, spatial, other)
(Businesslike, apologetic, enthusiastic, friendly, informal, other)
Cultural considerations:
(Level of detail or directness, formality, other)
Intended effect on this audience:
(Win support, change behavior, change attitudes, increased confidence, other)