Black Death Outline2 David Perez

Black Death Outline
David Perez
I Introduction
Thesis Statement: The Black Death spread by the trading routes, since
in the middle ages was numerous of trading, it expand through all Europe.
II) The Spreading
i) Europe
1) Mediterranean Sea
2) Italy, France, Spain, etc.
1) Central Asia
III) Causes
a) Bacteria
i) Yersinia Pestis
ii)Oriental Rat of Flea
b) inhalation
a) Humans
i)75 million-200 million people died
b) Population
i) decreased 2/3 of the population in Europe
V) How Affected Europe
a) Economy
b) jobs
c) trading
d) reduction of land
VI) How
a) Passed by ships
b) Foods
VII) Feelings
i) dark faces
b) Symptoms
i) headache
ii) chills
VIII) Preventions
a) Boil water
b) Stay away of rats
IX) Most affected areas
a) villages
b) central Europe
X) Conclusion