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B r ita nn ic a ® Aca de mic
Britannica® Academic is an online service of the world famous Encyclopædia Britannica® and other various
contents to support your research. This Guided Tour is to quickly illustrate how to use Britannica Academic.
Home Page
You will find answers to some of
the questions you might have
about using Britannica Academic.
Create and access your Workspace that allows you to manage all of your research content in one place. You can save articles, media, web sites, quotations,
and your own edited pieces in the Workspace by creating your own account.
Type in your search term and
click “Go”, and you will be
directed to the search results
page (see p.2).
“Auto-complete” and “fuzzy
search” help you find results.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search can be used
to refine your search and provide you with accurate results
that are more relevant to your
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus with audio pronunciation is embedded in Britannica
Academic. You can access
the dictionary by typing in a
word here.
New York Times & BBC headlines provide the top stories
from trusted sources through
daily feeds to Britannica Academic.
Research Tools
Unique research tools are specifically designed for conducting
thorough research (see p.4).
A variety of browse features
make your research easier and
more productive (see p.4).
Featured articles that offers in-depth coverage on a specific topic, with articles and
media handpicked by Britannica editors.
For an enhanced search experience
“Auto-complete” on Britannica Academic search
engine will try to suggest articles that possibly
match the term that you are searching. If you are interested in one of the articles listed, simply select
the article title in the drop-down menu and click on
it to make your selection.
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Britannica Academic
Search Results Page
After entering your search term and clicking the “Go” button, you will be taken to the Search Results page. On
this page your search results will appear in several different categories.
Content Sources
Search Results
Select a content source from
here. Various content sources
are available as listed below.
Search results from the selected content source. If you misspell something,
“fuzzy search” activates automatically
and gives you results.
Place the cursor over the
article you would like to read
to highlight it. When the
article is highlighted you will
see a brief snippet of the
article in the right window,
which will help you decide
whether you want to continue reading the article or
make another selection.
Click on the icon
save the article to your
Did You Mean…
Britannica Academic search engine automatically
performs a “fuzzy search” to find articles that are
related or close to the term you have entered in the
search box. For example, if you type “Syotoku
Taisi” in the search box, Britannica Academic will
provide you with suggestions and you will be able
to find the article “Taishi Shotoku”.
【Major contents available in Britannica Academic】
Encyclopædia Britannica
Articles from Encyclopædia Britannica
Year in Review
Articles from Britannica Book of the Year®
Definitions from the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
Synonyms from the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Thesaurus
Magazines, journals, and periodicals supplied by EBSCO Information Services
Ebooks & Primary Sources
E-books supplied by Project Gutenberg Consortia Center as part of their classic Literature
Web Search
This feature runs a search using your search term and displays those results in a new Web
browser window or tab.
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Britannica Academic
Ar t i c l e P a g e
An article page is consisted with article text, additional reading, Year in Review links and related article links
found in Britannica, Quotations and Spotlights (if applicable), External web sites and citations. You can also
find additional information using the tools located on the left side of the article page.
Article Sidebar Tools
Table of Contents
You can find multimedia, article history,
additional related content, and other
helpful tools in the sidebar
You can go directly to
sections of the article.
Click here to print an article
or section of an article.
You can select which sections of the article you would
like to print.
Email URL of an article.
(Font size)
Use the icons to adjust the
article font size to your liking.
Save (Workspace)
Click here to save this item
to your Workspace, where
it’s easy to collect and share
your research.
You can suggest changes,
contribute materials to Britannica, and see evaluations of those contributions
from Britannica editors.
Get Involved
Quick-click Dictionary
When you are browsing an article, you
can double-click any word to see the dictionary definition in a slide-out window.
Hyperlinks take you to
other Britannica articles.
You can contribute original
photos, videos or website
links to propose to use in
Britannica Academic.
【Related Contents】
Video, Images & Audio
Collection of images, illustrations, videos, etc.
Related Articles, Ebooks & More
Related encyclopedia articles, e-books supplied by the Project Gutenberg Consortia
Center, magazines, journals and periodicals supplied by EBSCO, etc.
Web Links
External web sites which have been reviewed and selected by Britannica editors
Article History
A list of recent updates and/or changes to the article you are viewing
A list of the owner or contributors of the article
Dictionary & Thesaurus
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus
A quick link to Britannica Academic’s Workspace feature, where you can create, edit,
and save content
Links to install Britannica Widget to quickly explore key people, places, and topics
from the Encyclopædia Britannica
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Britannica Academic
B r o w s e / R e s e a r c h To o l s
Britannica Academic provides unique browse and research tools specifically designed for the need of students,
researchers and faculties.
▼Media Collections
Browse Sidebars
You can access to a variety of
browse features to find the information you need.
【Browse / Research Tools】
Encyclopedia articles in alphabetical order.
Biographies by Topics, National/Cultural Associations, Era, Gender, and Name.
Contributors with brief profile
Ebook & Primary Sources
E-books by title or author, which are supplied by Project Gutenberg Consortia Center
Extended Play Videos
Full-length videos providing in-depth coverage on various subjects
Media Collection
Images and videos available on a variety of topics
Famous people featured in Britannica and some of their well-known quotations
Encyclopedia articles on a variety of topics, from animals to technology
Compare Countries
Select any two countries you would like to compare. The information about each country is
shown side by side so that you can compare the information.
This Day in History
Browse biographies and the events that occurred on a particular day in history.
Browse historical events related to a particular topic of your choice.
World Atlas
Maps and articles on nations from around the globe are easily located with this feature.
World Data Analyst
Quick and easy comparisons of the countries of the world. You can select countries to compare and generate your own graphs, charts, and tables of demographic, economic, health,
literacy, communication, military, and transportation statistics.
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Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Merriam-Webster is a trademark of Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.
※ This Guided Tour is as of October, 2014. Specifications and/or screens shown here might be revised without prior notice.
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Britannica Academic
Guided Tour 2014-10
October 31, 2014 Britannica Japan Co., Ltd.