The Diary of Anne Frank – Act One: Scene 3

The Diary of Anne Frank – Act One: Scene 3
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1. “So what? And you’re sixteen. Just perfect. Your father’s ten years older than I am.” (page 17) What does Mrs. Van Daan reveal of
herself when she makes this remark? Name Two.
a) She said to Mr. Frank, “I warn you, if this war lasts much longer, we’re going to be related…” It’s OK if they get married
b) She was beautiful, young when she married her husband …
2. Point out examples (give two) of humour in Scene 3.
a) When Peter chases Anne around for his shoes.
b) When Anne comes out of Peter’s room dressed in his clothes and pretending to imitate him.
c) When Peter and Anne were wrestling
3. What effect does the “bickering” between Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan have on the atmosphere of the annex?
It made the atmosphere in the annex tense, awkward, and uncomfortable.
4. In this Scene, what characteristics of herself does Anne reveal through her speech and actions? Name two.
a) She loves to talk and have fun (she spills milk).
b) She speaks what she thinks, like when she was arguing with her mother…
c) She likes to imitate people, like when she imitated Peter and Mrs. Van Daan.. She is lively, energetic,…
5. In what ways does the coming of Mr. Dussel complicate life in the annex? Name two.
a) There is less food for everyone…
b) No place for Mr. Dussel…
6. Although they have only been in the annex for two months, the refugees are already showing the strain of close confinement. Give
three instances to support this statement.
a) When Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan quarrel about Mr. Van Daan smoking.
b) When Anne thrusts the pipe into Mr. Van Daan’s mouth and he restrains himself.
c) When Anne argues with her mother (about acting courteous and that she shouldn’t answer back).
_______ What was Mr. Van Daan looking for? a
his pipe
b) his book
c) his shoes
d) his glasses
_______ What subject did Anne hate the most? b
b) Algebra
c) Art
d) English
9. _______ How many packages of cigarettes did Mr. Van Daan smoke? d
a) Four
b) Three
c) Two
d) One
10. _______ Where did Anne want to go to study music and art? c
a) London
b) Toronto
d) Berlin
c) Paris
11. _______ Who suggested that a Jewish dentist is in trouble and looking for a hiding place. a
a) Mr. Kraler
b) Miep
c) Mr. Van Daan
d) Mr. Frank
12. _______ It was decided that Mr. Dussel will share the bedroom with this person. d
a) Margot
b) Peter
c) Mr. Frank
d) Anne
13. _______ Where did Mr. Dussel think Mr. Frank was? c
a) Holland
b) Germany
d) Poland
c) Switzerland
14. _______ Anne asked Mr. Dussel about what happened to her best friend. What was her name? a
a) Jopie
b) Mary
c) Jody
d) Jolie
15. _______ Mr. Dussel had an allergy for: b
a) Peanuts
b) fur-nearing animals
c) milk
d) tea and coffee
16. _______ People in the annex eat their supper at: d
a) 6:00
b) 7:00
c) 7:30
d) 6:30
The Diary of Anne Frank – Act One: Scene 4
a) Describe some of the problems Anne faces as a young girl. Name two.
1) She’s scared…
2) she’s lonely…
she gets in troubles because she makes fun of people…
b) To what extent are these problems intensified by the unnatural life she is forced to lead?
1) The nightmares She was lonely…
2) She was forced to live in this tough situation
2. Define the term “pathos.” Select three examples of pathos from Scene 4.
Pathos means events that excite pity or sadness s in the audience.
a) When Anne is having her nightmare of the green police coming to get her.
b) When Anne refuses her mother’s kiss and making Mrs. Frank cry (pg. 36).
c) When Anne says that she would like to ride a bike and have a hot bath, etc. but she can’t do any of those things.
3. Show, with reference to the text, how the dramatists use humour to lighten the mood of this scene. Name two.
a) Pg. 36: When Mr. Dussel went tothe W.C. with a book and a pillow. On his way, Mr. Van Daan comes down in underwear and
trousers and asked him what happened. Mr. Dussel said that Anne was having a nightmare, but Mr. Van Daan thought that
someone was murdering her and Mr. Dussel said, “Unfortunately, no.”…
b) Pg. 38: When Mrs. Frank asks Anne if she’s constipated…
c) Wet mop on Mr. Dussel’s bed…
4. _______ In the middle of the night, Anne suddenly was screaming because she: a
a) had a nightmare
b) was hungry
c) wasn’t feeling well
5. _______ What did Anne told her father she dreamed about? b
a) The Nazis
b) The Green Police
d) was scared
c) Her Mother
6. _______ What was the good news that they received on Monday, Nov. 9, 1942? c
a) The was is over
b) The Allies landed in Europe
c) The Allies landed in Africa
d) Her Father
d) None of the above
7. At the end of the scene, Mr. Frank asked them about what was the first thing they would like to do when they get out of the Annex,
after the was is finish. They responded:
Mrs. Van Daan
Wants to be home with her own things, her needle-point chairs, the Bechstein piano her father gave her
Would like to go to a movie
Mr. Dussel
Wants to get back to his dentist’s drill, he is afraid he is losing his touch
to ride a bike again, to laugh till hr belly aches, to have new clothes from the skin out, to have a hot tub filled
to overflowing and wallow in it for hours, to back in school with her friends.
The Diary of Anne Frank – Act One: Scene 5
1. Name the presents that Anne gave to each of the people in the annex.
A safety razor
Mr. Dussel
A crossword book
Mr. Frank
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
A multi-coloured scarf
2. What qualities (name two) does Anne reveal in the incident of the Hanukkah presents? Explain your answer.
a) She was thoughtful: She made a present for everyone, even Mrs. Van Daan, whom she hasn’t been very nice to, so it must be
her way to say that she was sorry for spilling milk on her fur coat…
b) She is kind, sensitive, unselfish, observant,… Anne wanted nothing in return;
3. How is an atmosphere of suspense developed in this scene? Explain what happened.
Mr. Frnak is about to blow out the Hanukkah candle when everyone hears something crashing downstairs. Then, as Peter reaches
up to turn off the centre lamp, he loses his balance and the chair goes out from under him, causing him to fall. After, Mr. Frank
goes out to check and Anne faints…When Mr. Frank is back and Anne is conscious, Mrs. Van Daan and Mr. Dussel start fighting
over whether or not the thief will tell the green police….Mr. Frank being brave…Mr. Dussel saying that they were in more
danger…the thief knows someone there…
4. Why did Mrs. Van Daan ask her husband to go and get the money?
She asked him to get their money to buy the Green Police off.
5. “Mr. Frank plays the role of leader admirably in this crisis.” Explain (2 Points).
a) He got a flashlight and went down to check who was there.
b) He encouraged them and started singing…
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