To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary
Part 1
You are responsible for knowing the following vocabulary words from part 1 of To Kill a
Mockingbird. Remember, it is not enough just to memorize their definitions from; instead, you must understand how to use these words in a sentence correctly.
When you take the vocabulary quiz, there will be a section that requires you to write
sentences according to the grammar rules that we’ve learned so far; all of the rules are fair
game, but commas, semicolons, and active vs. passive voice may feature prominently on the
Finally, remember that the definitions you must learn are the ones that Harper Lee uses in the
novel; there are more than one definition for many of these words, so choose wisely and ask
for help if necessary.
Chapter 1
assuage (3)
piety (4)
impotent (4)
taciturn (5)
vapid (10)
nebulous (14)
Chapter 2
illicit (23)
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
contentious (36) arbitrate (49)
fractious (38)
Chapter 5
pestilence (56)
asinine (65)
edification (65)
Chapter 6
malignant (74)
Chapter 7
perpetual (79)
ascertain (81)
bolt (83)
Chapter 8
cordial (97)
perplex (97)
Chapter 11
philippic (136)
palliate (137)
undulate (142)
Chapter 9
ingenuous (103)
analogous (103)
trousseau (107)
gallant (115)