Gatsby Study Guide Ch. 4

The Great Gatsby: Study Guide Name: Chapter IV 1) What types of people attend Gatsby’s parties? How do their names underscore their actions?
2) How does Nick describe Gatsby’s car? Can you make any connections between Gatsby’s car and the
American Dream?
3) Summarize the narrative that Gatsby tells Nick about his life. Does Nick believe it? Do you?
4) Reread the passage on page 73 that describes Nick and Gatsby’s arrival into New York. How does Nick
describe the city? What do they see on their drive in? What do these descriptions suggest about New York?
5) Describe Nick’s meeting with Mr. Wolfshiem. What does he learn about Gatsby’s business associate?
Who do believe is a modern day Mr. Wolfshiem and why?
6) What does Gatsby do when Nick tries to introduce him to Tom Buchanan? What do you make of his
strange behavior?
7) Summarize the history between Gatsby and Daisy that Jordan Baker reveals to Nick. What is your
reaction to what you learn?
8) This chapter should be titled _____________________________________________________ because…