Does the word have more than one meaning?
Can you use the word in a sentence?
Do you know the meaning of the word?
Do you know how to spell it?
Can you relate the word to any of your subjects?
Can you define the word to a friend?
If you can use the word of the week in any of your lessons then you will be rewarded!
Discuss with a partner the books that you have read this year and what they are about.
What did you like about the book?
What are the characters like?
What types of books do you like in general?
Year 7 Task
Watch this clip of Michael Morpurgo talking about his books.
Michael Morpurgo’s Book List
Year 8 Task
Watch how Jeff Kinney’s characters come alive from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Year 9 Task
Watch this clip taken from The Hunger Games
Are the characters what you imagined, based on your reading of the book?
Year 10 Task
Watch The Twilight Saga come to life in this movie trailer