February & March 2016

February & March 2016
Continuing Education Office (2H.1)
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am – 6:45pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Tel: 514-933-3771 www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/conted
Deadline to withdraw from courses:
Friday, February 12
Students who wish to withdraw must fill out a Course
Withdrawal Form at the Continuing Education office (2H.1)
by February 12. Students who abandon courses after February
12 will receive a failing grade and will be liable for all fees.
If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course, please
consider the following before making your decision:
Having difficulty with the course material?
Speak to your teacher.
Need help with study skills, writing skills, writing a
paper? Need a tutor? Go to the Academic Skills Centre,
room 6D.2 and/or get help with Math in room 7B.1 and
with Physics in room 7A.1.
Unsure which course(s) to drop? Will dropping a
course affect your chances of admission to a program?
Speak to an Academic Adviser at a Continuing Education
Drop-in or make an appointment in room 2H1.
Are you a full-time student (minimum 180 hours)?
If you drop a course and no longer have full-time status,
you will be billed tuition fees for the courses you keep and
you may jeopardize your eligibility for Financial Aid.
Are you aware of the Academic Standing policy that
applies to you? Make sure you are aware of how many
courses you must pass to be in good standing and be able to
register for the next semester without restriction. Speak to
an Academic adviser for more information.
Full-time Attestation (AEC) Programs
The following AEC programs will be offered in
Winter 2016:
Accounting Principles and Related Computer
(885 hours) Full-time – Intensive – Day
Deadline to apply: January 4, 2016
Program start date: March 29, 2016
Late applications will be considered, space permitting. •
Preparation for Microsoft Certification
(360 hours) Full-time – Evening
Deadline to apply: January 17, 2016
Program start date: April 11, 2016
Late applications will be considered, space permitting. Medical Technologies
Application Workshop
Tuesday, February 16, 4:30
pm, room 4C1
For individuals interested in applying to
the following programs at Dawson for
fall 2014:
Biomedical Laboratory
Diagnostic Imaging or
Radiation Oncology
Physical Rehabilitation
Fall Applications
If you are currently in Independent Studies or Springboard and
wish to be considered for admission to a DEC program in
either the day division or in Continuing Education, you
(http://commonapplication.qc.ca). If you are currently in a
program and wish to switch to a Day DEC program or
different Continuing Education program you must submit an
online program transfer request through MyDawson – My
College Services – Program Transfer Request.
Application Deadline: March 1
Please note that in most cases it is not possible to complete all
the courses required for a DEC (diploma) program through
Continuing Education.
University Prerequisites
Students who already have a DEC or equivalent and who wish to
complete courses specifically required by a university for admission
to a program must register in 08040
Springboard to a DCS (DEC)
Springboard to a DCS (DEC) is designed for students who want to
take CEGEP courses in order to explore CEGEP studies, to complete
prerequisites required for admission to a CEGEP program, to
upgrade their academic record to improve their chances of admission
or readmission to a CEGEP program, to upgrade language skills, or
to complete a CEGEP program.
Students may register in Springboard to a DCS (081.25/081.28)
for a maximum of three (3) consecutive Fall/Winter semesters.
If during your third semester in 081.25/28, you do not apply and get
admitted to a DEC program (Day or Continuing Education) you will
be transferred to 080.72 Independent Studies as of your fourth
semester. While in 080.72, you will not be considered a full-time
student regardless of your course load. After at least one semester in
080.72, you may want to apply online back to 081.25/28 Springboard
to a DCS or to a DEC program (Day or Continuing Education). For
more information, please contact the Continuing Education office,
room 2H.1
If you require assistance from the Computer Centre Help Desk
you must show your Dawson ID or your schedule with bar
Applying to University 101 Workshops
University students are available to help with math problem
solving at various hours during the day. A detailed schedule is
posted at 7C.7 and on the bulletin board outside 2H.1.
Thursday, February 11, at 4:00 p.m. in room 4C.1
Topics Include:
Vocabulary - What is Major/Minor/Degree/Faculty/ETC.?
How do I apply? Strategies for choosing a program,
university, and degree type; How do I qualify? Pre-requisites
and additional requirements; How much does university cost?
Transition from CEGEP to university; Q & A session – bring
your questions!
University Visits
Bishop’s University
February 11, 11:00 to 2:00
Upper Atrium
Upper Atrium
University of Waterloo
February 17, 10:00 to 2:00
Upper Atrium
Université de Montréal
February 17, 11:00 to 2:00
Canadian Armed Forces
February 23 and 24, 10:00 to 3:00
Upper Atrium
Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University
February 24, 10:00 to 2:00
Upper Atrium
International Studies Abroad
February 25, 10:00 to 2:00
Upper Atrium
Bishop’s University
March 2, 11:00 to 2:00
Upper Atrium
Cape Breton University
March 2, 10:00 to 2:00
Information Office (Upper Atrium)
Monday to Thursday
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 4:00pm
To All Students:
Please check your schedule to verify that you are attending the
course section(s) you registered for. Please go to the
Continuing Education office at your earliest convenience if
there is a problem.
Tutorial Rooms
University of Ottawa
February 17, 10:00 to 2:00
Students Helping Students with Math
Upper Atrium
Academic Advising (2H.1)
An Academic Adviser can help with questions or concerns
about cegep or university programs and applications, course
selection, admission requirements, graduation requirements,
and academic regulations and policies.
Continuing Education students who wish to make an
appointment with an academic adviser should drop by room
2H.1 or call 514-933-3771.
Computer labs
The computer lab schedule (Mon-Sat.) is posted next to
2H.12. (Scheduled classes have priority.)
Students are reminded that they may not enter the 2F wing
computer labs while a class is in progress if they are not
enrolled in that class. Access to lab 2F.26 is available
Monday to Friday: 8:00am –10:00pm.
Mathematics Tutorial room – 7B.1
A mathematics teacher is available, at various times weekdays
to help students with their math problems. A detailed schedule
is posted at 7B.1 and on the bulletin board outside 2H.1.
Physics Tutorial room – 7A.1
A physics teacher is available 4:00-5:00pm Tuesdays and
Wednesdays and at various other times weekdays to help
students with their physics problems. A detailed schedule is
posted outside 7A.1 and on the bulletin board outside 2H.1.
Chemistry Tutorial
Please see the schedule posted on the bulletin board outside
the Continuing Education office, 2H.1.
Financial Aid (2E.15)
Full time students wishing to apply for the Quebec Loans and
Bursaries program must be in a recognized program of study.
Full-time is defined as 180 hours/semester, 12 academic hours
/week or 4 courses. The programs supported by the Ministry
are: (08106) Springboard, (08004) University Prerequisites,
(300A0) Social Science and (200B0) Science. Applications
are available on-line at www.afe.gouv.qc.ca or at the Financial
Aid office 2E.15. There are part-time loans for students who
do not meet the requirements for full time status; please
inquire at the Financial Aid office for information about these
Campus Life & Leadership-OPUS
If you wish to get the reduced privilege fare for the OPUS
card (bus/metro/train), please go to your My Dawson Portal
and under My College Services click: Registration Info and
then click Opus Student Fare Access Form. You will need to
download both forms that are available on this screen in order
to obtain/renew fare and you must be taking four (4) courses,
or 12 hours per week.
Student Health Services
Student Health Services (Location: 2D.2)
Julie Drolet (nurse), Dr. Quiros (gynecologist), and Dr.
Finkelberg (general practitioner) are available for different
health issues. Counseling and/or treatment are available for the
following: Lifestyle habits (nutrition, exercise, smoking,
drinking, stress management)
Gynecological issues,
contraception, morning after pill, STI testing, pregnancy test,
gynecological exam, FREE condoms
Other health issues
Gynecologist present Tuesday mornings and General
Practitioner (G.P) Thursday afternoons; appointment needed
Nurse available by appointment and drop-in: Monday,
Wednesday and Thursday p.m., and Tuesday a.m. (see hours
posted outside 2D.2).
Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL
Athletics- Campus Recreation (1H.4)
All Dawson students who are interested in participating in the
campus recreation programs held at the PARC, Dawson’s
sports facility, must purchase a day pass or a package pass.
We offer classes in the areas of fitness, dance, martial arts,
rock climbing, intramural sports, and children’s programs.
Come see us and/or pick up a schedule in room 1H.4 (PARC
desk). Membership fee is $50 for access all the time. The
schedule is on the website.
Student Employment (2E.7-1)
Looking for a job?
The Dawson Student Job Bank is a great tool for students
looking for part-time employment. Not only will you be able
to view on line all job postings, but you will also have access
to job search links and job search tips. Go to:
www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca Sign in from My Dawson Portal
Click on Student Services (on left) Then click on Student
Job Bank. Every job offer received by Dawson is
immediately posted on this Student Job Bank. To view the job
listing, click on “Part-time & Summer jobs” or “Summer
Camps” or “Call Centres” or “Volunteering”.
Job Search Tips provides information on resume writing,
cover letters and interview tips. After using the samples to
write your own resume and cover letter, you may see the
Employment Counselor for feedback should you feel it is
Like our Facebook page in order to get notifications for Job
Fairs, Interview and Job Search tips, notice of job postings and
so much more!
A.E.C. Students
Job-search assistance is available to A.E.C. students looking
for full-time employment.
Dawson Job Fair
Dawson College will be hosting a Job Fair on Wed. March 23
from 2-8, and Thurs. March 24 from 10-3. Bring copies of
your CV or just simply com by to speak to various companies
about job opportunities.
Please contact the Employment Counselor. Contact the
Employment Counselor at 514-931-8731 ext. 1184 or
[email protected] in order to make an appointment.
Student Agendas Student agendas are available free of charge in room 2H.1,
while quantities last. Please note that some of the information
in the agendas applies to students in the Day division only.
Continuing Education students should consult the Continuing
Education Academic Calendar online or on p.7 of the
Continuing Education timetable for important dates. Library (5C.1)
Library (5C.1)
Monday to Thursday:
8:00am – 6:30pm
8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday:
Visit the Dawson Library website
http://library.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/. In addition to the
catalogue of books and media, the Library also provides
online access to thousands of E-books, streamed videos, fulltext journals and magazines. All Dawson College students can
access these resources in the college and off-campus using
their network login. If you have a question about the Library
or need any help with your research, click on Ask-A-Librarian
on our website. You must show your Dawson ID or
schedule/receipt in order to borrow books.
Ombuds Office
The Ombuds office provides an independent and confidential
service to help ensure that every member of the Dawson
College Community receives fair and equitable treatment
within the college system.
Some reasons to consult the Ombudsperson include:
• You have a problem at Dawson and do not know how
to proceed
• You feel you have been treated unfairly
• You need information about policies or procedures at
Dawson College
• You need information about grievance procedures
and your rights at Dawson College
• You feel that you are the victim of harassment or
See Michele Pallett in 2E.7-2. Michele can be reached at
514- 931-8731, ext. 1191, or [email protected]
Consult the Ombudsperson website:
Academic Skills Centre (6D.2)
Monday – Thursday
8:30 am – 7:00 pm
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
The professionals at the Skills Centre can help you to
• write better essays and term papers
• improve your reading and listening skills
• take clear, concise notes
• study more effectively
We can also help by
• providing a peer tutor for a difficult course
• preparing you for the English Exit Exam
Free services include
• individual tutoring sessions
• language-development groups
To discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment,
visit 4E.3 during our drop-in hours
Monday – Thursday
11:00 – 3:00 / 5:00 – 7:00
11:00 – 3:00
For more details, visit www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/lc
or call us at 514-931-8731, ext. 1488
Language Lab (5E.13)
The language lab is open Monday-Thursday evenings 6-9pm.
Career Resource Centre (2D.7)
Come to the Career Resource Centre to research:
Ø University, college, and vocational programs.
Ø Career information, including descriptions, salaries,
training required, future outlook.
Ø Career planning and decision- making materials.
Ø Work, study and travel abroad information.
Friday from 7:45-17:00. Exam services are available in the
evenings with sufficient advance notice. Students are advised
to contact the service as soon as possible, i.e. before
General Information
Centre hours are posted on the door of 2D.7, and listed on the
My Dawson portal, and in the Daily Bulletin.
Study Break
Counselling and Career Development
Service (2D.2) - Telephone: 514-931-8731 ext.1206
Easter Holiday
All of our services are confidential and free of charge to current
Dawson students.
Office Hours:
There are no classes (Study Break for credit courses)
Saturday, March 12 to Friday, March 18.
There are no classes Friday, March 25, Saturday March 26 and
Monday, March 28.
Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm.
Drop-in times:
For a first meeting with a counsellor come to one of our “drop- in”
times. The “drop-in” schedule can be found on the My Dawson
Portal as well as posted outside our office, room 2D.2 In addition to
our daytime “drop-in” times, we have a “drop-in” session in the
evening on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 p.m. in 2E.8A.
Upcoming Career Planning Workshops:
Are you undecided about your career direction, which university
major to choose, or whether you are in the right CEGEP program?
Why not sign up for one of our four-session Career Connections
Workshops? Taking one of these workshops will give you access to
the best interest and personality tests designed for college students
and it’s free of charge! You are welcome to sign up for any one of
our daytime four-session career planning workshops.
Authorized Absence for Medical Reasons
Students who have been unable to attend classes for three
weeks or longer due to medical reasons during the Winter
2016 term may request an Authorized Absence. Requests
must be submitted before the end of the semester. Request
forms and guidelines can be obtained online or from the
Registrar's office, room 2D-6 or the Continuing Education
office, room 2H.1
Attendance Verification
We also offer a one-session, 90 minute career planning workshop
entitled “Career Cruising”. In this workshop you will be introduced
to an excellent career planning website which will enable you to find
information about many careers, as well as to see how these careers
match your interests and skills. You are welcome to sign up for any
one of our daytime “Career Cruising” workshops.
Attendance Validation for Continuing Education courses will
be done online. As of February 15, students can log in to
MyDawson, Omnivox Services and click on Attendance
Validation to complete the required form.
For more
information, consult the Continuing Education bulletin board.
All students must confirm their attendance each semester after
the course drop deadline. Failure to attend a course or courses
may affect your status and may result in part-time fees being
applied as per the Ministry of Education regulations.
For more information and/or to sign up, come to room 2D.2 or call
(514) 931-8731, ext. 1206.
Next English Exit Test: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Upcoming Workshops:
Who must write? All students completing a program of
studies must write and pass the English Exit Test in order to
obtain a D.E.C.
Career-Planning workshops
If you are undecided about your career direction, what
university major to choose, or even what CEGEP program is
best suited to you, why not join one of our Career Planning
Check out the schedule of workshops on our website
http://dc37.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/counselling/, or drop
by our office in room 2D.2
For more information about our services, or to sign up for a
workshop, please come to room 2D.2.
Have a great semester!
N.B. All services are confidential.
Student AccessAbility Centre
Centre for Students with Disabilities (2E.8-A)
Services are available for students with documented
disabilities such as mobility limitations, visual or hearing
impairments, learning disabilities, mental health issues, or
chronic medical conditions. Students requiring assistance
should contact the Student AccessAbility Centre in room
2E.8A or at 514-931-8731, local 1195, during regular office
hours – Monday through Thursday, from 7:45 – 19:00 and
Who is eligible?
All students who have successfully
completed the three Block A English courses (603-101, 603102, and 603-03) are eligible to write the examination.
However, a student may register if he/she has only 603-102 or
603-103 left, and is currently taking it.
How do I register to write this exam? Register through the
MYDAWSON portal from March 14 to March 31. It is
important to register during this period so that the Ministry of
Education can confirm your registration before the exam. If
you have any questions, or if you would like additional
information, please contact the English Exit Test Coordinator
at 514- 931-8731, ext. 3948 or visit the webpage
Summer School
Information about Summer School will be in the next issue of
Nightlife. Please note however that classes will start June 7
(Rattrapage classes start June 27) and a tentative schedule will
be posted on the bulletin board outside room 2H.1 early May.
No further information is available at this time.
Mid-term Assessment
In March, your teachers will be submitting an evaluation of
your work in each course. For each course, it will indicate
whether you are:
PASSING (satisfactory results so far)
AT RISK (possibility of failing; ‘borderline” results)
FAILING (your work is below expected
If no assessment is available, you will be advised to
Meanwhile, if you need help or advice regarding any course,
don’t wait! See your teacher right away or visit the Academic
Skills Centre, or Counselling and Career Development, or see
an Academic Adviser.
Your mid-term assessments will be available online as of
noon Tuesday, March 15.
To access your mid-term assessments, log in to the MY
DAWSON portal and click on Lea, the Omnivox Classroom,
then Grades and then Midterm Assessment. If you have
login problems to the MY DAWSON portal, please go to the
Computer Center Help Desk in 2H12 with your Dawson ID.
Once logged-in, if you receive an Access Denied message,
please follow the instructions on the screen.
Smoking Policy
No smoking is permitted in the College, including entrances.
Tax Forms
Tax receipts and education deduction tax credits for all
students registered in credit courses at Dawson in 2015 will be
available by February 29 via our student Web-portal at
MYDAWSON and then on My Omnivox Services for Tuition
tax receipts. Add your S.I.N. to your account prior to printing
your tax receipts. Tax receipts will not be mailed.
$5.00 per evening (after 4:00pm) or Saturday & Sunday.
Enter at 4011 de Maisonneuve O. See Security in 2E.14.
ID Cards
All Students registered in credit courses may obtain their
photo ID card in room 2E.01 (Audio Visual counter) Monday
to Friday 8:30-11:30am; 1:00-3:00pm; and 5:00-6:45pm.
Bring your schedule/receipt and any photo ID and have your
photo taken. Students with Dawson ID from a previous
semester may obtain a sticker to validate their ID card in room
2E.01. All students writing final exams in the final exam
period will have to show Dawson ID.
Bookstore (1F.2)
The bookstore is located on the metro level. Open Monday to
Friday 8:30am-4:50pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday and legal
holidays. Open until 6:30pm Feb. 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11; and March
CLÉO (Centre de langue écrite et orale)
(The French Academic Skills Centre) (4E.10)
The Centre is open at various hours posted outside 4E.10.
You may drop in to use the French reference materials and
specialized software. To make an appointment for help with
your French studies, sign up outside 4E.10.
Spring/Summer 2016
Starting this April 2016, we are offering Microsoft Office
Adobe Suite, Photography and Visual Art courses.
We offer English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese
and Spanish conversation courses.
The Spring/Summer course schedule will be available on our
website in March. For registration and/or additional
information, please visit our website
www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/ctd. Tel. 514-933-0047