instructions on obtaining transcripts

STUDENTS must order transcripts for
DUAL ENROLLMENT courses by completing the
Transcript Requests
(link on the left side of page)
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If you need a “student ID #” you will need to see your CHS teacher to obtain that code
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Transcripts for
RUNNING START courses may be obtained through the following:
How do I request a transcript?
To have an official CCSNH transcript sent to the college or university you plan on attending,
1) Complete a Transcript Request Form and either mail or fax it to the Office of the Registrar at the
college through which your course was offered.
2) You may download a Transcript Request Form from the college’s website that offered the
course. Due to FERPA regulations, transcripts can only be requested by the student.
Click on “Academics” tab
Click on “Office of the Registrar”
Click on “Authorization to Release a Transcript” form
Click on “Click here to download Transcript Release” form
Print & complete the form and fax it to NHCC Registrar at 882-8690