ptsd evaluation assignment - Westmoreland Central School

Name ______________________________
Intro to Psych
Psych in Film
Date _____________
Per. _______
Part I
Using the DSM-IV-TR Criteria for PTSD, you will diagnose Will Hunting. Does he have Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder or not? It is your job to prove it by citing examples you saw in the
film Good Will Hunting.
Start at A and continue through criteria F.
A1. During his childhood, Will Hunting experienced an event that involved actual
serious injury to him. His foster father would tell him to choose between a wrench, a
stick, and a belt. Then, his father would proceed to beat him with it. Another instance
that cause serious harm to Will was when his foster father would burn Will with
Part II
Much like you did with the film Good Will Hunting, please write a character profile of someone
in a different film. Below is a potential list of films to choose from. Some films are Rated-R, so
if you or your parents do not want to view that film, please select another. You may also choose
one that is not on the list, but please discuss it with me first.
World Trade Center
We Are Marshall
Reign Over Me
Legends of the Fall
Mystic River
Forrest Gump
The Lucky One
This will count as a test grade.