Pretend you are creating a soundtrack for The Devil's Arithmetic

Design a timeline for events in the
book as they relate to actual historic
events. Include a summary that
describes key incidents.
Create a collage of symbols
and images from the novel.
Explain the significance of the
images you chose.
Compare and contrast Night and
The Devil’s Arithmetic visually.
Provide a written explanation of
your comparison.
The Devil’s Arithmetic
Assignment Choices
Write a newspaper article
persuading the world to take
notice of what is happening at
the hands of the Nazis.
Write a summary of the story
from a different character’s
point-of-view. Dress as the
character and retell the story
from his/her point-of-view to the
Pretend you are creating a soundtrack for
The Devil’s Arithmetic. Write an explanation
for each song choice.