Geography Hunt


Geography Hunt


1. Kazakhstan

2. Match the following countries with their capital cities:

Country Capital City

_E__ Norway

_D__ Eritrea

A. Dhaka (Dacca)

B. Ottawa

_A__ Bangladesh C. Accra

_B__ Canada

_C__ Ghana

D. Asmera

E. Oslo

3. The colors of the Honduras flag are ____blue and white__________ .

4. The African city with the largest population is ___Cairo ___ .

5. Rank the following countries in order of population numbers:

Brazil Indonesia India China

Most populated ____China__________

United States

6. What is the only Caribbean island with large oil reserves?


7. An archipelago is

B. a chain of islands

8. Which country has the most time zones? __Russia, with 10______

9. What country was Pakistan a part of before it became independent?


10. What is the latitude of Madrid, Spain? _____40N____ the longitude?