Games on Web Sites for Learners of French

Games on Web Sites for Learners of French
The homepage will ask you to create a log in name and password which they will
charge you for. However, this only applies from 4-9pm British time, so most of the
day you are fine. You can access games by clicking on level 7-12 on the left side.
level 7 is beginner vocabulary. You can then click on different themes to access
games such as hangman, memory, battleship and trivia. There are also read
along listening comprehension texts that ask students multiple choice questions.
This site is FANTASTIC!!!!
These are printable cross-word, word searches and snakes and ladder type
board games.
This site allows students to play hangman games by themes, many of which are
contained in the new program of studies.
Three tabs on the homepage will allow you to go to a pictorial vocabulary guide
(pictures with French words underneath), grammar (good explanations and
examples of rules) or readings (you can pick by level; but even the first level
seems a bit difficult)
A list of themes is shown with teacher created games and mini quizzes to allow
students to practice their vocabulary. zzes/French
Contains lots of games by theme, but they all are "translation" games. IE in
hangman they will give you the English word and you must fill in the letters
contained in the French word. Not the best pedagogy but it might be a good way
for students to practice their spelling.
Contains three types of games: crossword, word search and hangman.