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The Business School

Born of a need in South Africa for top tier tertiary education for working adults, the IIE’s

The Business School at Varsity College is playing a crucial role in developing the next generation of South African business leaders. Highly qualified professional educationalists and hand-picked local and international partner institutions ensure that we offer a truly incomparable standard of education to working adults driven to do whatever it takes to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market.


The Business School at Varsity College has an interactive approach to teaching and learning, where lecturers are encouraged to stimulate engagement with learning activities that support application of knowledge. In keeping with 21st century teaching trends, lecturers also use technology to enhance learning and seek to support students in developing the skills necessary for a rapidly changing world. Our lecturers are highly qualified and – in many instances – actively engaged in their professional field. Having lecturers with industry experience gives insight into current industry practice and brings subject theory vividly to life, stimulating discussion.


Lecturers at The Business School are part of a dynamic online teaching community that keeps abreast of new technologies to enhance learning and networks globally on modern teaching methods. Further guidance is available in the form of a campus based support team and development workshop/webinar opportunities throughout the year, as well as a peer review system, a measure that ensures all teaching methodologies that result in quality learning.

The Business School is part of Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent

Institute of Education (The IIE) (Pty) Ltd, which is registered as a Private Higher Education

Institution with the Department of Education under the Higher Education Act 1997,

South Africa’s largest independent provider of tertiary education.

Campus Environment

The Business School operates from eight Varsity College campuses across South Africa. Safe, secure and conveniently located, our campus environments are upmarket, modern spaces, offering all the amenities you’d expect from a leading institution: lecture rooms equipped with the latest technology, well stocked libraries, well run canteens and recreation areas and ample parking. Student resources include an online student portal, access to administration staff, account information, lecture notes, exam results as well as convenient access during evenings and Saturdays.

About The Independent

Institute of Education (The IIE)

The IIE is registered with the Department of Higher Education and

Training as a private higher education provider and is part of AdvTech

Ltd, a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The IIE is responsible for the academic governance and quality assurance of all programmes delivered through the campuses of all its educational brands, including Varsity College.

The IIE has been internationally recognised and accredited by The

British Accreditation Council (BAC). Their accreditation is held by hundreds of colleges in the UK and overseas. They provide the leading mark of educational quality for the sector, which is used by students, parents, agencies and beyond as a guarantee of standards.

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The IIE Higher Certificate in

Business Principles and Practice


For those with the skills, drive and initiative, the business world is a place of great opportunity and reward. This Higher Certificate provides students with a broad range of essential business skills including communication, public relations, accounting, end-user computing and project administration. If you are interested in obtaining a sound one year management qualification and learning about the business environment, then this is the qualification for you.

Students that successfully completed the Higher Certificate in Business Principles and

Practice have the option to register for The IIE Bachelor of Commerce also offered on a part-time basis at The Business School.


- Project Administration

- Office Administration

- Assisting a Project Manager

- General Assistant to Management


- The IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practice is at level 5 on

the new HEQSF.

- It is also registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

ID number: 71637.


Prospective students need a minimum of a National Senior Certificate and must have met the minimum requirements for admission to a Higher Certificate, Diploma or Bachelors Degree, or a Senior

Certificate or an equivalent qualification.


Due to the fact that this part-time qualification is aimed at working adults and that tuition for this format is on a more limited basis than for full-time, only prospective students aged 23yrs and older will be considered for enrolment.


Students must be competent in English, the language of instruction.

Programme Structure



• Business Management 1A (8 weeks)

• Business Communication (9 weeks)

• Business Management 1B (10 weeks)

• Introduction to Project Management (15 weeks)

• Business Calculation (7 weeks)

• Accounting A (14 weeks)

• Pastel Accounting (10 weeks)


• Introduction to Public Relations (12 weeks)

• Introduction to E-Commerce (9 weeks)

• Project Administration (9 weeks)

• End User Computing A (10 weeks)

• Work Integrated Learning (Project)



Waterstone Drive, off Benmore Road

Benmore Gardens, Sandton 2196

PO Box 1514, Craighall 2024

Tel: (011) 784 6939 Fax: (011) 784 9161

Email: [email protected]


Janadel Avenue

11 Riverview Park

Midrand 1686

Private Bag X14, Halfway House

Midrand 1685

Tel: (010) 224 4300 Fax: (086) 612 6058

Email: [email protected]


116 Clearwater Road, Cnr. Clearwater &

Glenwood Roads, Lynnwood Glen

Pretoria 0081

PO Box 35522, Menlo Park 0102

Tel: (012) 348 2551 Fax: (012) 348 2561

Email: [email protected]



Varsity House, Belmont Park

Belmont Road

Rondebosch 7700

PO Box 420, Rondebosch 7701

Tel: (021) 685 5021 Fax: (021) 685 3060

Email: [email protected]



12 Radar Drive, Durban North 4051

PO Box 20592, Durban North 4016

Tel: (031) 573 2038 Fax: (031) 563 2268

Email: [email protected]


1 Link Road, Cnr. St James Avenue & Link Road

Westville 3630

PO Box 1279, Westville 3630

Tel: (031) 266 8400 Fax: (031) 266 9009

Email: [email protected]


St Charles’ College, Harwin Road, Scottsville

Pietermaritzburg 3201

Private Bag X7, Scottsville 3209

Tel: (033) 386 2376 Fax: (033) 386 3700

Email: [email protected]



1st Floor, Mercantile Bank Plaza, Ring Road

Greenacres, Port Elizabeth 6045

PO Box 27436, Greenacres 6057

Tel: (041) 363 4223 Fax: (041) 363 5355

Email: [email protected]

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