S1 Book List - Hutchesons' Grammar School

Hutchesons' Grammar School
S5 Book List - 2008/09
Books can be supplied by most reputable suppliers including
JOHN SMITH BOOKSHOP, Jordanhill Campus, 76 Southbrae Drive, Glasgow G13 1PP
Email : Gloria.miller@johnsmith.co.uk
Tel: 0141 954 3533
KELVIN BOOKS LTD, Chapel Street Industrial Estate, Maryhill, Glasgow G20 9BD
Email : Kelvin.Books@btopenworld.com
Tel: 0141 945 5006
Website: kelvinbooks.co.uk
174-6 Argyll Street, Glasgow G2 8AH
153-157 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3EW
34 Princes Square, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 1LJ
38 The Avenue, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77
Tel: 0141 248 4814
Tel: 0141 332 9105
Tel: 01355 271835
Tel: 0141 616 3933
Stationery can also be acquired locally adjacent to the School from :
News Etc. 12 Kildrostan Street, Glasgow G41
Tel: 0141 423 0420
Because of pressure on suppliers during the summer months it is important that orders are
placed with suppliers as accurately and promptly as possible to ensure the likelihood of supply
for the start of the new session at the end of August.
Higher Biology
Higher Grade Biology - Torrance - Hodder & Stoughton
Higher Grade Biology Multiple Choice Tests - Torrance - Hodder and Stoughton
SQA Higher Biology past papers (latest edition) - Leckie & Leckie
One jotter
Higher Human Biology
Higher Grade Human Biology - Torrance - Hodder & Stoughton
Higher Grade Human Biology Multiple Choice Tests - Torrance - Hodder & Stoughton
SQA Higher Human Biology past papers (latest edition – October onwards) - Leckie & Leckie
One jotter
Higher and Intermediate 2 Business Management (2nd edition) – Hagan & Wylie – Hodder Gibson
(ISBN 0340 913 69X)
Intermediate 2 and Higher Business Management Course Notes – Miller- Leckie & Leckie
(ISBN 1 84372 0760)
One A4 ring binder and lined paper
Standard Grade Chemistry, 2nd edition - Renfrew & Conquest - Hodder & Stoughton (retained from S4.)
New Higher Chemistry - E Allan & J Harris - Hodder & Stoughton.
NQ Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry Data Booklet SQA published January 2007 (available from
website : http://www.sqa.org.uk or a hard copy can be ordered from the Chemistry Department in
Higher Past Papers in Chemistry (SQA) - Leckie & Leckie.
One A4 ring binder (retained from S4.)
Revision notes are available and are a good study aid. Previous years have used those published both
by Chemcord and by Leckie and Leckie. Choice is down to personal preference.
Sophocles: Three Theban Plays trans R Fagles (Penguin) ISBN 0140444254
Euripides: Medea and Other Plays: trans. J Davie J (Penguin) ISBN 0140449299
Aristophanes: Lysistrata and Other Plays trans. A. Somerstein (Penguin) ISBN 0140448144
Ancient Greece, Using Evidence P Bradley (Hodder Education) ISBN 0521796466
Other texts will be supplied by the department
The Latin Language: Scottish Classics Group (Oliver & Boyd) ISBN 0050042874
Texts and Commentaries will be supplied by the Classics Department
How to Pass Higher Computing – Frank Frame and John Mason (ISBN 0-340-88555-6)
One A4 pad (lined), A4 ring binder and dividers for notes supplied on course
USB Memory Stick (2GB). These can be purchased from the school library for approx £6.50. (not
required for start of term).
Lovers - Brian Friel - Gallery Books (IBSN 0-904011-64-X)
Men Should Weep – Ena Lamont Stewart (IBSN 0-573-01838-3)
Elizabeth Gordon Quinn – Chris Hannan (ISBN 1-85459-921-6)
One other Scottish TheatreText to be decided
Three A4 ring binders, A4 lined and plain paper
A4 punched plastic pockets
No text book required.
One A4 ring binder and lined paper
Macbeth - Shakespeare (Oxford School Shakespeare)
Touched with Fire – Jack Hydes (Cambridge)
Moments of Madness (150 Years of Short Stories) – Ed Myszor (Cambridge)
Language Skills for Higher English - M Firth & A G Ralston (Hodder Gibson)
English - Practical Guide to Textual Analysis – David Cockburn (Hodder Gibson)
Essay Skills for Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher - M Firth & A G Ralston (Hodder Gibson) –
retained from S4
English Literature Skills : Studying the Novel - M Firth & A G Ralston (Hodder Gibson) – retained from
Official SQA Past Papers to 2008 Higher (Leckie & Leckie) –available from September
Dictionary and Thesaurus retained from S4
A class novel for first term will be required and pupils will be told the title at the end of S4
One A4 ring binder. A4 paper, lined and with margins.
Higher Grade
Revised Higher Geography Past Papers - Leckie & Leckie
Pupils should retain
Higher Geography : Physical & HumanEnvironmentals – Duddin - Hodder Gibson
Higher Geography : Environmental Interactions
and all S4 notes
One new A4 lined jotter
Please order PULSE books directly from the publisher’s website : www.pulsepublications.com
The Growth of Nationalism : Germany and Italy 1815-1939 Cameron, Henderson & Robertson (Pulse
Publications) (second edition) retained from S4
Appeasement and the Road to War (second edition) R Cameron (Pulse publications) retained from
Changing Britain 1850–1979 – (second edition) Morrison, Morrison & Monaghan (Pulse Publications)
One A4 ring binder and A4 loose leaf lined paper
Revise for Higher Mathematics – Heinemann
Heinemann Higher Mathematics – Heinemann
Maths Objective Tests : Revision and Practice Questions – Hodder Gibson
five exercise books
graphics calculator Texas Ti83 (Texas Ti92, Casio DCF9970G are prohibited)
Please note that calculators are readily available from Comcal, 4 Bath Street
Higher French Course notes (Leckie and Leckie)
GCSE French Vocab Toolkit (Collins) (retained)
Literature – to be advised and purchased through the department
Schaum’s Outlines of French Grammar (Fourth Edition) to be purchased through the department
Collins French Dictionary plus Grammar (retained)
2 lined jotters
1 A5 notebook
1 A4 ring binder with lined paper
Schaum’s Outline of German Grammar (Third Edition) (retained from S4)
Hamide spielt Hamide – to be borrowed from the Department
Practice Papers – Calum Ure – Hodder Gibson
Collins German Dictionary plus Grammar (retained)
2 lined jotters, 1 A5 notebook, 1 A4 ring binder with lined paper
Collins Spanish Dictionary plus Grammar
Grammar book – Spanish Grammar Shaum’s Outlines 4th Edition: Conrad J Schmitt [McGraw Hill]
Collins Easy learning Spanish verbs
2 lined jotters, 1 A5 notebook, 1 A4 ring binder with lined paper
UK Social Issues (Second Edition) - G Clarke, F Cooney & I Morrison - Pulse Publications
One A4 ring binder and looseleaf lined paper
Higher Grade
Advanced Music – Hurry/Philips – Heinemann (product code: 0435 812580)
Spiral Bound Manuscript Book
Julian Baggini, Philosophy: Key Themes (Palgrave, 2002)
Higher Still Physics - Cackett, Lowrie, Steven - Oxford University Press
SQA Higher Grade Physics Past Papers - Leckie & Leckie - latest edition available September 2008
One A4 ring binder, dividers, ring reinforcements and a supply of A4 loose-leaf paper
One jotter for homework
Making Moral Decisions - J Walker - Hodder & Stoughton
Nature of Belief - J Walker - Hodder & Stoughton
plus either
Issues of Christianity – J Walker – Hodder Gibson
Judaism - N De Lange - Oxford University Press
A4 loose leaf folder
A4 loose-leaf folder will need to be provided by pupils for extensive notes issued during the course of
the year
Pupils will need their own drawing instruments - lead pencils, coloured pencils, ruler, compasses, set
squares– and an A3 folder. However, these should not be purchased before the beginning of the course
when the required specification will be given.
A drawing board will need to be purchased from the department at the beginning of the course, at a cost
of around £50. This sum will be refundable, less 20%, providing the board is returned in good condition.
* A Homework Diary will be provided internally by the school at the start of the new session.