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Introduction to Computer Science
Course Title:
ITCS-1214 - Introduction to Computer Science I
Zachary Wartell
Woodward 410C
Office Hours:
M, W 1-2pm
Required Textbook:
An Introduction to Programming with C++
Diane Zak
5th Edition – ISBN 978-1-4188-3618-4
Prerequisite or co-requisite
MATH 0900 OR MATH 1100 OR MATH 1103 OR MATH 1120 OR MATH
General Course Objectives
This course introduces students to:
1) algorithmic problem solving, structured programming principles such as topdown modular design and program documentation and style
2) general programming topics such as data types, control structures, methods
and arrays
Course Structure
This course will follow the textbook; however, supplementary material will be
used to expand on problem solving techniques, algorithms, number systems and
other topics at the instructor’s discretion.
You are expected to take an active role in the learning process by reading the
chapters and completing all assignments.
You are expected to design your programs using lecture notes, examples given in
class and concepts from the book. Do not develop the habit of asking others for
assistance without first researching the problem using your resources. I will help
you identify errors but I will not debug your program.
Some class lectures will cover material not in the book. Hence, attending class
lectures is highly recommended.
Computing and Informatics Department - UNCC
Introduction to Computer Science
CHECK YOUR E-MAIL DAILY. E-mail communication is an integral part of
this course; therefore, you are required to read your emails daily. All e-mails will
be answered within 48 hours (Exceptions: I do not answer e-mails after 5:00
p.m. and on the weekends). E-mails sent to me on the weekends will be answered
by Monday of the following week. Additionally, the University frequently e-mails
information to students so it is a good idea to regularly check your UNCC e-mail.
Programming Assignments and Tests
There are 8 programming assignments and three tests. Schedule your time
GIVEN. It is strongly suggested that you schedule your work so you can complete
your assignments early in the week.
Unless otherwise noted, programming assignments are due on Friday by 5:00 p.m.
I allow a “grace period” from 5:01 p.m. on Friday until 11:00 p.m. on Sunday.
The grace period will be used ONLY for uploading labs. I will not answer
questions about the lab assignments during this time. Remember: Questions
must be submitted before 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. You are free to work on your
own after 5:00 and until Sunday at 11:00 p.m.
You are expected to upload your work from a UNCC lab where assistance is
available. It is also better to upload your work before 5:00 p.m. on the due date in
the event you need assistance from the technical support team. Remember,
technology is useful but it is not perfect. System problems (campus or personal
computer problems) are NOT acceptable excuses for late or missed work during
the grace period. Remember: you upload at your own risk during the grace
period (Friday after 5:00 through Sunday 11:00 p.m.).
Late Submissions and Makeup Tests
Programming assignment submissions will be marked down 10 points for every
day they are late – maximum two days availability in Blackboard. I do not accept
labs after the two day period (Tuesday evening after 11:00 p.m.). Please note: do
not start the upload procedure at 10:55 p.m. or later. The submission process may
be delayed and Blackboard will not accept the assignment after 11:00.
Make-up tests will receive a 20% grade penalty – with the exception of
documented emergencies. Make-up tests must be completed within one week.
The final test cannot be made up unless there is a documented emergency.
Computing and Informatics Department - UNCC
Introduction to Computer Science
IMPORTANT: Keep backup copies of all graded work.
All assignments will be submitted into Blackboard. If something should happen to
your files in Blackboard, you will not have any recourse if you have not kept
backup files.
All completed assignments MUST be submitted in Blackboard. Do not send
assignments as email attachments. All grades will be posted in Blackboard
(each student can see only his/her own grades). In addition, there will be other
course-related content in Blackboard. Be sure to take the time to familiarize
yourself with Blackboard and don’t wait until the last minute to complete your
work. Remember, technology is useful but it is not perfect. System problems are
NOT acceptable excuses for late or missed work unless the problems are
widespread and long-term. Your instructor will be the final judge as to what
constitutes widespread and long-term. Work submitted during the grace period
and beyond (late period) will not fall under the category of excused work.
We will review the upload procedure during the first weeks of the semester. You
are responsible for making sure the upload procedure is successful. Make a
screenshot of the page that shows the submission time and date (this is your only
proof the assignment was submitted successfully). Graded labs will NOT be
cleared; therefore, you must make a screenshot of the submission page in the
event of a submission error and you must test your programs before submitting
Graded Work
In most instances assignments (and tests) will be graded and posted within one
week from the assignment due-date or the test date. An email will be sent if the
grading deadline is changed. Grades will be posted in the appropriate link in
Blackboard and will not be visible to other students. Online quiz grades are
automatically posted in Blackboard and can be viewed immediately after taking
the quiz.
Lab Facilities
The computing lab is located in Woodward Hall, Room 335. Hours of operation
are posted on the door. Open labs are available on campus but there is no
guarantee the software is available in these labs. Check this link for locations and
schedules of operating hours:
It is better to use the Woodward Hall lab to complete assignments.
Course Grading
Computing and Informatics Department - UNCC
Introduction to Computer Science
Grade Components:
Grading Scale:
Programming Assignments
30 %
90.00 – 100.00
Tests ([email protected] pts each)
45 %
80.00 – 89.99
Final Exam
25 %
70.00 – 79.99
100 %
60.00 – 69.99
0.00 – 59.99
Academic Dishonesty
Unless otherwise specified, the UNC Charlotte guidelines on Academic Integrity
fully apply to all work in this course. This includes programming assignments and
tests and final exam. In particular, submission of someone else's work as your
own is considered plagiarism, whether it is a computer program or an exam
solution, and will be dealt with under the Academic Integrity guidelines. All
programming assignments are to be done without the assistance of others
students. Providing program code to another student, even in part, and in any
manner (electronic, hard-copy, or otherwise) is considered a violation of the
Academic Integrity code. Penalties for violations of academic integrity range
from a course grade of F (the minimum penalty) to expulsion from the University.
The possession of program material developed by someone other than you is
considered to fall under the above restriction, and similar penalties apply. This
means that copying/emailing/looking at/etc. another student's files related to any
programming assignment is prohibited.
A detailed explanation of the Code of Student Academic Integrity is located at
Code of Conduct
The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility sets forth the standards
relating to student conduct. Students engaging in disruptive conduct are subject to
dismissal from the class. Disruptive conduct includes, but is not limited to,
interfering with teaching (i.e., talking with other class members, using cell
phones, threatening class members, possessing illegal drugs or weapons, using
computers to engage in activities not related to the class, etc. For a detailed
description of the Code of Student Responsibility, visit
Computing and Informatics Department - UNCC