Business Administration – Second Year
Semester I
1. Statistics II - Mr. Ran Elkon
Introduction to the practice of statistics. David Moore and George McCabe. (3rd
2. Principles of Marketing Management - Dr. Talia Rymon
Principles of Marketing" by Kotler & Armstrong, 10th edition, 2004,
Pearson/Prentice Hall.
3. Principles of Finance - Ms. Zahalka Jumana
Principles of Corporate Finance by Richard Brealey and Stewart Myers, McGrawHill - Sixth Edition (2000).
4. Managerial Accounting - Dr. Rimona Palas
Introduction to Management Accounting Chap 1-17. Authors: Horngren, Sundem
& Stratton Publisher: Prentice Hall Copyright: 2005
5. The Consumer and the Firm - Prof. Avraham Bertish
Microeconomics by Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubinfeld Prentice Hall,
2001 (5th edition)
6. Organizational Behavior - Dr. Orly Yeheskel
1. Hellriegel, D., Slocum, J.W., & Woodman, R.W. Organizational Behavior.
Cincinnati Ohio: South-Western College Publishing. 10th Ed. 2004
2. Daft, R.L. Organization Theory and Design. South Western Pub.., 8th ED.2003.
Semester II
7. Marketing Research – Dr. Arie Rotem
To be announced on a later date
8. Investment Theory - Mr. Gil Aharoni
1. Ross, Westerfield and Jaffe "corporate finance"
2. Bodie, Kane and Markus "Investments"
University Press forthcoming 2005.
9. Operations Management - Dr. Mike Resh
1. Goldratt E. and Cox J., The Goal. 2nd. Ed. 2004
2. Heizer J.and Render B., Principles of Operations Management,7th Ed. Prentice
Hall, 2004
3. Chase R. and Aquilano N., Production and Operations Management, 9th Ed.
IRWIN, 2003.
4. Schroeder R. G., Operation Management, 2nd Ed. McGraw Hill, 2003
10. Critical Thinking - Mr. David Solomon
To be announced on a later date
11. Leadership - Dr. Iris Cohen Kaner
Leadership in Organizations, 5th Edition, Gary Yukl, Prentice Hall
12. The Macroeconomic Environment - Dr. Gil Bufman
1. Mankiw N. Gregory (2002), Macroeconomics, Worth Publishers.
2. Abel B. Andrew and Ben S. Bernanke (2001), Macroeconomics, Addison
Wesley Longman.
3. Romer David (2005), Short-Run Fluctuations,
13. Human Resource Management - Dr. Iris Cohen-Kaner
Human Resource Management, 10th Edition (International Edition), Gary
Dessler, Prentice Hall
14. Corporate Law –
To be announced on a later date