Final Exam Study Guide 2010

Spring 2010 Final Exam
Study Guide
**** Look Over old notes from each unit and study guides.
Chapter 6 – A Strong Start to the Nation
Chapter 7 – Nationalism and Economic Growth
Chapter 8 – Regional Societies
Chapter 9 – Religion and Reform
and Conflict
Chapter 11 – Sectional Conflict Increases
Chapter 12 – Civil War
Chapter 13 – Reconstruction and
New South
Test Format may include some or all of the following:
Multiple Choice
Identification and Terms
Ideas and Concepts You Should Know
1. All Famous People from each unit starting with Chapter 6 – Look at each Study Guide and
Quizlet set made up for each unit for the Famous People
2. All the Presidents to Rutherford B. Hayes – You must know each of these and what important
events happen during their administration
3. Know each of these definitions
Louisiana Purchase
Bloodless Revolution of 1800
Lewis and Clark Expedition
War of 1812
Corrupt Bargain
Era of Good Feeling
Texas Revolution and Independence
Jacksonian Democracy
Industrial Revolution
Temperance Movement
Missouri Compromise
Cotton Gin
Underground Railroad
Causes/Effects Mexican War
Compromise of 1850
Dred Scott Decision
Kansas Nebraska Act
Fugitive Slave Act
Liberia and colonization
Grant’s Administration
Monroe Doctrine
Know Nothing Party
The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Peaceable Coercion
Embargo Act of 1807
Bleeding Kansas
Trail of Tears
Worchester v. Georgia
Marbury v. Madison
Compromise of 1833
Gettysburg Address
Emancipation Proclamation
Treaty of Ghent
Adams-Onis Treaty
Battle of Little Big Horn
Carpet Baggers/Scalawags
Wade Davis Bill
Election of 1860
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Confederate and Union drafts
Indian Removal Act
States Rights
The Collapse of the Whig Party 1850
Reconstruction Plans (3)
Klu Klux Klan
Battle of Tippecanoe
Gold Rush
Lowell Experiment
XYZ Affair
Election of 1804
Treaty of Greenville
Transcontinental Railroad
War of Attrition
Total War
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Office of Tenure Act and Impeachment of Johnson
Enforcement Acts of 1870, 1871 (KKK Acts)
John Brown’s Raid
KKK and Enforcement Act
Plessy v. Ferguson
13th, 14th, 15th Amendments
Corrupt Bargain # II
Freedman’s Bureau
Manifest Destiny
Spoils System
Gadsden Purchase
Political Cartoons from the Reconstruction Period
Judiciary Act of 1879
Judicial Review
The Donner Party
Free Soil Party
Popular Sovereignty
The Rise of Jim Crow Era
Sharecropping/Tenant Farming
4. The Civil War (Use study guides from Civil War Part I and II)
1. First Battle of Bull Run
5. Chancellorsville
10. Wilderness, Cold Harbor
Spotsylvania, Petersburg
2. Second Battle of Bull Run
6. Seven Pines/Days
11. Vicksburg
3. Shiloh
7. Fredericksburg
12. Appomattox
4. Antietam
8. Fort Sumter
13. Gettysburg
5. Fort Henry/Donelson
9. Fort Wagner
14. March to Sea
5. Possible Essay topics
Causes and Effects of War of 1812
Era of Good Feeling
Jacksonian Democracy
The First and Second Industrial Revolution
Westward Expansion in the early to mid 1800s
Social Reform Movements
Causes of Civil War
Civil War and Reconstruction