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Ch. 19 Voting Section 1 (pp564-569)
1. When the United States was founded, who possessed the right to vote?
2. What do some critics blame for low voter participation in the United States?
3. How are precinct boundaries drawn to determine where people vote?
4. How can someone vote if they are out of town during an election?
5. What is the difference between the office-group ballot and the party-column ballot?
6. Why do many states require electronic voting machines to produce paper records?
7. What provisions are included in the Help America Vote Act?
8. How could procedures discussed in this section discourage some people from voting?
9. Why is the voting technology we use so important?
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Ch. 19 Section 2 (pp. 570-578)
1. What four traits seem to have an effect on voter turnout?
2. What are six reasons Americans do not vote?
3. According to research, what would be the result of moving elections from a Tuesday to
the weekend?
4. What happens to voter turnout rates as political party membership decreases?
5. What was the result of direct get-out-the-vote drives, in addition to reliance upon
television advertising?
6. How does everyone who votes benefit, no matter which candidate wins?
7. How would a huge non-voting electorate impact an election?
8. What would you do to improve low voter turnout?
9. What do you think will happen to voter turnout among 18-24 year olds in the future?
10. What would you say to someone who says there’s no point in voting?