11 CP Review Sheet for Final:

11 CP Review Sheet for Final:
All English exams are 100 objective questions and 100-point essay.
I. Units
Realism/Naturalism: Civil War to 1914
 Introduction pp. 446-461
 Realism p. 457
 Naturalism p. 459
 Harriet Jacobs: from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl pp. 473-476
o Focus: Conflict (Internal and External)
 Stephen Crane: “A Mystery of Heroism” pp. 501-507
o Focus: Situational Irony
o Focus: Impressionism pp. 499
 Stephen Crane: “War is Kind” pp. 509
o Focus: Tone
o Focus: Verbal Irony
 Robert E. Lee: “Letter to His Son” pp. 512
o Focus: Inference
 Kate Chopin: “Silk Stockings” pp. 570-574
o Focus: Motivation
 Edwin Arlington Robinson: “Richard Cory” and “Miniver Cheevy” pp. 589-591
o Focus: Irony
o Focus: Connotation
o Focus: Imagery
The Moderns: 1914-1939
 Introduction pp. 634-647
 Modernism p. 639
 William Carlos Williams: “The Red Wheelbarrow” pp. 667; “The Great Figure” pp. 668; “This is Just to
Say” pp. 669
o Focus: Imagery
 William Faulkner: “A Rose for Emily” pp. 720-727
o Focus: Setting
o Focus: Inference
 Robert Frost: “Mending Wall” pp. 801-802; “Death of a Hired Man” pp. 805-809
o Focus: Ambiguity
o Focus: Narrative Poem
o Focus: Dialogue
o Focus: Blank Verse
 Countee Cullen: “Tableau” pp. 819; “Incident” pp. 821
o Focus: Harlem Renaissance
o Focus: Metaphor
 Zora Neale Hurston: from Dust Tracks on a Road pp. 838-843
o Focus: Autobiography
o Focus: Subjective Detail
Contemporary Literature: 1939-Present
 Introduction pp. 890-905
 Postmodernism p. 899
 Donald Barthelme: “Game” pp. 975-978
o Focus: Theme
o Focus: Title
 Julia Alvarez: “Daughter of Invention” pp. 995-1005
o Focus: Conflict (Internal and External)
o Focus: Inferences
 Richard Wilbur: “Beautiful Changes” pp. 1136
o Focus: Ambiguity
 Elizabeth Bishop: “The Fish” pp. 1140-1141
o Focus: Symbol
o Focus: Figurative Language
 Sylvia Plath: “Mirror” pp. 1146; “Mushrooms” pp. 1149
o Focus: Speaker
o Focus: Symbol
o Focus: Tone
o Focus: Personification
 Gwendolyn Brooks: “The Bean Eaters” pp. 1158; “In Honor of David Anderson Brooks, My Father” pp.
o Focus: Rhyme
 Li Young Lee: “Visions and Interpretations” pp. 1185-1186
o Focus: Theme
o Focus: Imagery
II. Grammar
 Parallelism
 Modifiers (Misplaced and Dangling)
 Clear Reference: Pronoun Reference
 Active/Passive Voice
 Coordination/Subordination
III. Vocabulary
 Units 9-18: synonyms, antonyms, completing the sentences, analogies
IV. Outside Reading
 Catcher in the Rye
 Death of a Salesman
 Lesson Before Dying
 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
 The Scarlet Letter
 The Haunting of Hill House