Pre-AP English Allusions

Pre-AP English Allusions
ALLUSION: (noun) an implied or indirect reference to another literary work or event in history or
literature (Webster’s Collegiate)
Two basic sources from which writers and poets draw allusions and metaphors are the Bible and the
ancient classical writings (mainly from Greek and Roman). We studied these as Freshmen (and should
maintain a log of those). As Sophomores, we explore allusions drawn from History, Literature and
One of the ongoing units of study this year will be an allusion workshop. Every week you are required
to read the assigned literary work. On the following Tuesday, you must submit a one page typed paper
based on your reading that contains the following:
Name of story
Source (web site, book, etc.)
150-word summary of the story
A 50-word commentary on sources of conflict (plot) and their significance (man vs. man, vs.
god, vs. nature, vs. himself, etc.)
A 50-word commentary on the themes of the work (your opinion)
Grading Rubric:
30 points (A+) – A wonderful paper! Filled with thoughtful commentary using extensive evidence.
Satisfies all the requirements and more. You really taught me something about this piece.
27 points (A) – A good paper. Satisfies all requirements. Effective and thoughtful analysis of the plot.
Responsible commentary
24 points (B) – A fair paper. Thin on word requirements. Over-simplified analysis and commentary.
Lacks evidence
21 points (C) – A poor paper. Shows lack of effort and thought. A “lazy” paper.
15 points (F) – A mockery of Advanced Placement work.
In order to complete this assignment, you will be able to use online sources and should be reliable
sources (not Wikipedia).
Week 1: Kafkaesque
Week 2: Witch Hunt
Week 3: Pollyanna
Week 4: Pavlov’s Dogs
Week 5: Albatross around one’s neck
Week 6: Juggernaut
Week 7: Sour Grapes
Week 8: Pyrrhic Victory
Week 9: Don Quixotic
Week 10: Benedict Arnold
Week 11: Double Speak
Week 12: Murphy’s Law
Week 13: Foust
Week 14: Freudian Slip
Week 15: Holy Grail
Week 16: Luddites
Week 17: Xanadu
Week 18: Muckrakers
Week 19: Pound of Flesh
Week 20: Crossing the Rubicon
Week 21: Mrs. Grundy
Week 22: Read the Riot Act
Week 23: Sound & Fury
Week 24: Bread & Circus
Week 25: Deus ex Machina
Week 26: Waterloo
Week 27: Emperor’s new clothes
Week 28: Fiddle while Rome Burns
Week 29: Svengoli
Week 30: Noble Savage
Week 31: In Media Res
Week 32: 15 Minutes of Fame
Week 33: Scheherazade
Week 34: Catch 22
Teacher Presented:
1. Stealing Someone’s Thunder
2. Throw down the gauntlet
3. Bedlam
4. Red Herring
5. Sold down the river
6. Flash in the pan
7. Over a barrel
8. Hoist with one’s own petard
9. Coals to Newcastle
10. Pass the buck
11. Sine qua non
12. Sacred Cow
13. Once in a Blue Moon
14. Crocodile Tears
15. Ivory Tower
16. All that glitters is not gold
17. Tabula Rasa
18. Nimby
19. Left-handed compliment
20. Non sequitor