Vocabulary for 2015 Paper 1

Baroque barroco

Protestant Reformation

Catholic Counter-Reformation façade verticality scroll buttresses angular and rounded pediment projecting columns and pilasters central axis, axis, axial alignment niches central plan longitudinal, basilica plan clergy, laity

(Greek and Roman architectural vocabulary) column, capital, pediment, frieze balustrade, canopy balcacchino

Cathedra Petri apse spiral column serpentine brackets orb piazza lost wax, cire perdue, hollow cast bronze linear perspective aerial or atmospheric perspective foreshortening continuum of time chapel proscenium (part of stage in front of curtain) undulating façade flat lateral plane niches oval coffer, coffering, coffered dome elevation, plan, section lantern

Academy of art

“classical” landscape, academic art arcadia, idyllic life pastortal landscape narrative naturalism, idealism low horizon line ceiling fresco rotunda, dome quaddro riportato chiaroscuro tenebroso, tenebrism illusionism

Caravaggism, Caravaggisti transubstantiation

Bolognese Academy stucco extensions devotional image genre scene, genre paintings alla prima impasto camera obscura circles of confusion engraving, etching, drypoint watercolor

Hundred Gilder Print interior scene allegory momento mori vanitas painting still life, breakfast piece self-portrait, group portrait treatise generalized nature value gradations galleries des glaces

Protestant/Catholic color theory, pure colors, shadows not black reflection classicism secularized psychology of light rubenistes poussinistes putti dramactic intensity, unvarnished realism technical virtuosity