Propaganda/Product Placement Assignment

Propaganda/Product Placement Assignment
****Due 4/17/14****
Think of something that you “consume” on a daily/weekly basis. What does
“consume” mean? Well, we are all “consumers”, meaning we all use or “consume”
products that are created and offered to us by a variety of corporations, businesses, or
government entities. We use these products in a variety of ways to help us, entertain us,
or to make us feel happy. Some examples may include: food, beverages, toys, electronics,
clothes, beauty products, music, TV/movies, etc.
There are 3 parts to this assignment:
First, you will think of something that you consume regularly, meaning daily or
almost daily. Or, it could also be something that you maybe use less frequently but are
thinking about or wanting all the time. Once you think of something, you will need to
write a paragraph explaining:
What it is and what it is used for
How you use it and how frequently you use it
Why you like it/love it, with explicit details about how it makes you feel
and the reasons you have for wanting to “consume” it
How you found out about it and how your relationship with it has changed
over time
Second, you will research how this product is marketed or advertised. More
specifically, you will research how it is marketed and advertised to YOU. For this part of
the assignment you will:
Research the product that you have chosen to determine when/how it came
Find and list specific ways that it has been marketed to you (i.e. commercials,
internet ads, etc)
1 way that it has been advertised to you without you knowing it (i.e. product
placement, advertised with something else that you like, etc)
Pick 3 ads/commercials/product placements that you actually enjoy or that
you openly accept as making you want the product
Find any information about the way that the product is advertised that makes
it more appealing in a way that isn’t immediately apparent (i.e. the color of the
product, the design, the things it is advertised with, etc)
Third, once you have compiled all of the information for Parts 1 and 2, you will then
need to either: make a PowerPoint presentation OR write an essay that addresses the
components of both parts 1 and 2. For a PowerPoint presentation, you must have:
A title page with an original title, the name of the product, and your name
Your presentation must address each of the bullet points from both parts 1 and 2,
with a minimum of 7 slides for the body of the presentation (not including title
Include at least 10 pictures/videos/GIF’s or any other visual information that
showcases your product or shows how it is advertised/used
A closing slide with a question or conclusion paragraph about how your research
has affected the way that you think about your product or the concepts of
propaganda vs. advertising/product placement changing the way we feel about
products that are marketed to society
If you choose to write an essay, you must address all the components for the PowerPoint
in the 5-paragraph essay format. However, your essay must also include a thesis
statement expressing your opinion of the way advertising is used and how it changes our
perceptions or feelings about the products that we like.