Supremacy (1 of 1)
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Scene 1
Triskelion, August 1st, 23:17 EDT
Give it to me straight Maria
The hackers managed to download a huge portion of classified S.H.I.E.L.D.
data before the firewall was put on again. Including the identities of several
of our undercover agents.
Which agents, Maria, we need to get them out of there
All of our female agents, including…
The Black Widow, she’s been undercover in one of the Russian crime families,
(he opens coms) Natasha, get out of there
I’m afraid your spy isn’t here, Fury
What have you done to her?
Unfortunately, nothing, before I could even capture her myself she was
kidnapped by a bitch in red. She’s your problem now Fury.
Maria, I want you to uncover whatever leads you can find
Sir, all we got is that she wears red, it’s not much of a lead
I don’t care, find out who has her?
Don’t bother (he throws down a file)
How the hell did you get in here?
The same way you did Fury, through the secret entrance. (He turns to Maria)
you might wanna read that file. (Maria reads the file)
Victoria Sinclair, formerly known as Roulette, speciality of setting illegal cage
matches pitching heroes against each other.
Jade, Katana, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, The Wasp, Miss Marvel, Miss
Martian, Wonder Girl and Black Canary have been reported missing by their
respective teams, hardly a co-incidence.
Find this Roulette, Maria, and since you’re such an expert, how about helping
me find out who hacked S.H.I.E.L.D. systems
There aren’t that many people capable of hacking your systems Fury, I could
count them on one hand, best guess Noah Cuttler, the Calculator.
Probably at the services of this Roulette
The Calculator’s an expert at covering his tracks. My partner’s trying to track
him down, I’ll let you know how she gets on. (Nick puts his head in his hands)
You know I’ve been thinking about retirement a lot lately, it’s always been
one thing after another, but it’s getting worse
Find a way to alert your compromised agents, Nick, I’ll be back for my favour
another time. (He is teleported away)
Scene 2
Unknown, 01:00 EDT
(Over microphone) transmitting live on channel 64, we have the Supremacy
Tournament of Heroes. Can Black Canary and Black Widow face off against 9
of the most powerful heroes in the world? And even if they survive all that,
only one of them is making it out alive, place your bets ladies and gentlemen,
this is a fight not to be missed, after these commercials. (She turns to a
computer) is everything in place
You doubt my word, Miss Sinclair?
Last time I tried this scheme I had the Flash and Green Lantern onto me, I do
not want that to happen again
This time you’re broadcasting on a pirate network, there’s no way they can
trace you. And the mind control gear will work, as well as the inhibitors
preventing more troublesome powers
You think of everything
As long as I receive my cut. I want 35%
What, you’re not getting a cent over 20%
Be dismissive of me at your peril, without me, your plan falls apart. Speaking
of which, 3 minutes till airtime Miss Sinclair, I’d hurry with your
(Reluctant) 35% then
I knew you’d be sensible about this.
------------3 minutes later, the arena
Black Canary and Black Widow rise into the arena, they both awaken
Black Widow: (Russian accent) what happened? Where am I?
Black Canary: Not sure, last thing I remember is (she sees Roulette in the stands) oh no
Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for our first match. Introducing, the
legendary ladies of League and the Avengers: The Black Widow and the Black
Canary (the audience cheers) they’ll be fighting against 4, that’s right 4
opponents (they rise into the arena). The little lady with the nasty sting, the
Wasp, the Thanagar thrasher, Hawkgirl, the deadly Katana and the lady
lantern Jade. Place your bets, and let the match begin! (Hawkgirl immediately
attacks Black Canary, Black Canary kicks her in the face but is tackled by
Katana, the Wasp attacks Black Widow, Black Widow dodges but soon a
bunch of lantern chains entrap her, Black Canary sees this and lets out her
sonic scream, this unbalances Jade and breaks the chains, dazed, she is kicked
unconscious by Black Widow, Katana swipes her sword at Black Canary, Black
Canary is tripped up by Hawkgirl, Katana is about to deliver the blow when
she is hit by a stinger fired by Black Widow, knocking her out. The Wasp
continues her offensive against Black Widow, as Black Canary recovers, and
Hawkgirl tries to attack her, Black Canary and Black Widow are backed
Black Widow: Switch?
Black Canary: Switch (they turn around, Black Canary knocks the wasp out with her sonic
scream, and Black Widow fires a stinger that reflects off the arena barriers
and hits Katana, dazing her, Black Canary screams and knocks her to the
ground, where the Black Widow knocks her out, the crowd cheers, as Black
Canary and Black Widow)
Black Widow: What is all this in aide of?
Black Canary: Making Roulette rich, whether we live or die
Wasn’t that incredible, the underdogs are victorious, and win themselves
some new allies in their battle (she deactivates the mind control chips of the
unconscious heroes) but can even they take on the powerhouses of the
teams. (5 new heroes rise into the arena) The champion of the Amazons,
Wonder Woman, and her equally strong sidekick Wonder Girl. The Martian
Manhunter’s niece, Miss Martian, the Kree enhanced terror, Miss Marvel and
the cousin of Superman herself, Supergirl. For the sake of this challenge, we
have removed telepathic, telekinetic and flight capabilities of our champions,
but even with that advantage, they are not to be underestimated. Place your
bets ladies and gentlemen (the unconscious begin to recover)
Can someone explain what’s happening?
Black Canary: It’s Roulette
Again? She just won’t give up. Great
Let the match begin (Wonder Woman and Wondergirl both throw their
lassos, binding Jade, Black Canary screams at Miss Martian, but her ears
absorb into her flesh and she cannot hear it, Hawkgirl tries to whack
Supergirl, but it has little impact and soon she is blown backwards by
Supergirl. Katana faces Miss Marvel, who soon shatters Katana’s sword, Wasp
tries to back her up)
Sorry about this Carol, but (she stings Miss Marvel but Miss Marvel just
absorbs the stings, and blasts back, Miss Martian stretches out her arms and
grabs Black Canary, throwing her into the other side of the arena, Black
Widow fires her stingers at Miss Martian, but they pass straight through her,
Jade manages to stretch the lassos binding her and fires a series of blasts at
Wonder Woman and Wondergirl, which they deflect using their bracelets,
Supergirl then tackles her from the side, Jade creates a shield around herself
which Supergirl pounds at, cracks soon begin to form) Black Canary recovers
and screams at Miss Marvel, while it delays her, it does not stop her, but
Hawkgirl hits her from behind, knocking her down, Katana, now without her
sword attacks Miss Martian, backed up by the Wasp, but neither are able to
get a hit on her, as Miss Martian uses her shape-shifting to avoid every move)
-----------Roulette’s booth
Roulette’s is looking through financial projections
I always said these brawls could make me a millionaire (she looks again)
billionaire (the door is blown down and secret agents begin storming the
office) how did you find us? (Maria Hill enters the room)
Maria Hill:
You compromised a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, you didn’t think we wouldn’t be able to
track her in case that happens?
Maria Hill:
Maria Hill:
Maria Hill:
But the Calculator?
Unlikely. (She speaks into the microphone) protocol 12 (all the Superheroes
are back under mind control, and jump toward the booth)
Take out that system (they all begin shooting at the computers, destroying
them all, and freeing everyone from mind control) it’s over
Not yet (she easily takes down the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents one by one, until she
gets to Maria, she aims a high kicks but Maria ducks, and dodges when
Roulette slams her foot down, Maria fires but Roulette manages to avoid the
blast and tries to kick Maria from the side, but Maria catches the kick and
throws her back, Roulette gets up but Black Canary smashes through the
window and uses her sonic scream to knock Roulette down, Black Canary
arrives to fire a stinger to knock her out)
Nice work, you two make quite a team (Black Canary and Black Widow smile)
Scene 3
The Calculator contacts Vandal Savage
As you requested, I allowed S.H.I.E.L.D. access to just enough information to
put Roulette back behind bars
Leaving you with all the profit from the events, let’s hope her imprisonment
stays that way this time.