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Working with Intuition: in a Physical and Mental Health Care Setting
An Evening Lecture and a Day Long Seminar
Delivered in English and with Simultaneous Translation into Mandarin
Program description:
An evening lecture and one day seminar designed to address the needs of health care
workers who must deal with science, facts and impressions when caring for people.
Health care professionals are highly trained in methods and techniques. This training is
built on a foundation of logic and the scientific method. Are the skills acquired in our
formal training which is focused on training our conscious mind in logic and the
scientific method enough?
Perhaps not, all we need do is turn to Einstein, who said: “there are no logical paths to
the natural laws; only intuition resting on sympathetic understanding of experience”.
Others scientists like Newton have commented on the role of intuition in scientific
discoveries. If well known scientists use intuition together with an application of logic
why shouldn’t health care professionals?
This seminar has two objectives: present information to legitimize the use of intuition in a
health care setting, and provide practical information on how to recognize and utilize
intuition. These objectives will be achieved through a combination of lecture, dialogue,
and exercises and a take home assignment for which feed back will be provided.
This seminar will help health practitioners connect on deeper levels with clients by using
both logic and intuition thereby leading to better decisions.
Learning outcomes:
 Articulate a consciousness, mind/matter model, that provides a possible
explanation for intuitive experience as proposed by Princeton University.
 Identify on a preliminary basis the Chinese culture’s perspective on intuition and
its application in Traditional Chinese Medicine as proposed by medical
anthropological studies conducted by Cambridge University.
 Outline intuition in scientific activities and relate this to professional practice.
 Identify four kinds of intuitive knowledge and provide examples from
professional practice.
 Increase the ability to trust, and know when and how to listen to and integrate
intuition with logic, thereby connecting on a deeper level with clients and making
better decisions in professional practice;
Tom Culham, B.A.Sc, M.A.Sc, Professional Engineer, and Senior Faculty School of
Management City University. Has a 27 year career in business and a life long interest in
Asian culture and science.
Lydia Rozenthal, B.A., M.A., Registered Clinical Counselor and a psychotherapist,
clinical supervisor and faculty member in the School of Arts and Sciences at City
University. Has a 25 year career with practical experience in cross-cultural work, body
and mind connections, family, children and adult counseling therapy.
Registration Deadlines:
Introductory Lecture: Complimentary and optional.
October 18th
$200 for CTCMA members,
November 16th.
on or before November 8th after
November 8th registration fees are $220.
Registration Details:
Space is limited so reserve your spot now. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the seminar
and light snacks at the introductory lecture. To register or inquire about seminar details, please
contact Kitty Lau at or call 604-689-2489 x109.