How to get your ID card

How to get your ID card
Cards cannot be processed or encoded until you have been entered into the
system by HR and have attended a building induction.
You then have a couple of choices:
1. Fill out a RISQ form, get it signed and head over to UniCard at St
Lucia. They will take your photo and print your card on the spot. (this is
the fasted way). Then bring to reception or P & F to get encoded.
Herston: Mayne Medical School Building (881) for a map see
a. If you require an ID card please contact the School of Medicine office to book
an appointment (phone 3365-5278). On the day of your appointment, staff
from the office will advise where the session will be held.
b. Time: 2-3pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
c. Cards will be returned to the relevant school office for collection and should be
available within three working days. Urgent ID card production is available at
the St Lucia Campus
3. Fill out the ID Card form with all your details. Hand in at reception and
have your photo taken. We will then send your photo off to UniCard
and you ID card will be delivered for collection at Reception.
RISQ forms can be printed from
ID Card Application Form/Update my details
UQCCR Group association:
Floor/s for which access is required:
Contact Details
Extension number:
Mobile number:
Email Address:
Emergency Contact Details
* None of these details (particularly mobile phone numbers) will be made
public – this is for * emergency situations only