Book Review 11

Name: Wu ying ying
Section: Ooc
Book: Modern System analysis and design
Author: Kendall and Kendall
Reference NUMBER: QA76.9 S88 k45 1995
Chapter: Chapter 13 Preparing the systems proposal
Quote: The systems proposal is a distillation of all that the systems
analyst has learned about the business and what is needed to improve
its performance.
Book review:
In this chapter we cover the process of estimating the present and
the future work loads of a business and the process involved in
evaluating the ability of computer hardware and software. To handle
workloads adequately, at first all current computer hardware must
inventoried. To discover what is on hand and what is usable. Then
current and future system worked must be estimated after that an
evaluation of available hardware and software is undertaken the
systems analysts needs to worked along with users, to determine
what hardware will be necessary.
First should begin by inventorying what computer hardware is
already available in the organization. As we become apparent, some
of the hardware options. Involve expanding or recycling current
hardware. So that’s important to know what is on hand. If an updated
computer inventory is unavailable, the system analysts needs to set
up one quickly and carries through on it. And you need to know the
following.1. Type of equipment, 2. Status of equipment operation.3,
estimate age of equipment, 4, projected life of equipment, 5, physical
location of equipment, 6, department or person considered
responsible for equipment, 7, financial arrangement for equipment.
Ascertaining the current hardware available will aid in a sounder
decision-making process when hardware decision are finally made,
the next step in ascertaining hardware needs is to estimate work
hands, means that analysts formulate numbers that represent both
current and projected hands for the system
Evaluating computer hardware is a shared responsibility of
management user and systems analysts. Although vendor will supply
details about their particular offerings analysts needs to oversee the
evaluation process personally since they will have the best interests of
the business at heart.
Once functional equipments are known and the current products
available are comprehended and compared with what already exists
in the organization decision are made by the analysts in conjunction
with users and management about whether obtaining new hardware
is necessary.
Computer size and use is the rapid advance of technology dictates
that the systems analysts analyst research types of computer
available at the particular time that the systems proposal is being
written. Computer size range all the way from the smallest notebooksized microcomputer to room sized supercomputer each has different
attributes to consider when deciding how to implement a computer
Software evaluation, packaged software rather than application
programs specifically written for an installation are becoming more
readily available and certainly should be given careful consideration
once you will be dealing with vendors who may have they own
interests at heart. You must be willing to evaluate software along with
users and not be unduly influenced by vendor’s sales pitches.
Specifically there are six main categories on which to grade software
as performance effectiveness efficiency ease of use flexibility quality
of documentation and manufacturer support.