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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Many techniques and therapy names sound alike or simply refer to
variations of a base technique.
This has arisen over many years due to the tendency for practitioners to wish
to share their successes and show how particular individual needs can benefit
greatly from one or another variation.
Whilst not yet complete – we hope the following helps you to
understand a little more about the differences and similarities.
Activity Injuries
See Acupressure
See Acupuncture
See Sports Injuries Massage
Advanced Clinical
Sports Therapy
Advanced Massage
Advanced NeuroMuscular Massage
Advanced Reflexology
Alexander Technique
An eastern technique which encourages the free-flowing of energy
through application of pressure to particular key points on the body.
Originating from China, acupuncture involves inserting small
needles into various points in the body to stimulate nerve impulses.
Traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on the idea of 'qi' (vital
energy) which is said to travel around the body along 'meridians'
which the acupuncture points affect. Western Acupuncture uses the
same needling technique but is based on affecting nerve impulses
and the central nervous system; acupuncture may be used in the
West as an anaesthetic agent and also as an analgesic.
See Aromatherapy. Advanced aromatherapy deals with specific
conditions including the support of pregnant women, blending
products for children
If you have suffered a sports injury or have a recurring problem the
Advanced Sports Therapist will be able to advise you and may offer
pain-relieving electrical techniques such as TENS, Ultrasound, or
Interferential treatment. (Please note that doctor’s consent may be
requested before treatment begins.)
See Body Works
A therapy commonly utilised during Sports and remedial massage.
It involves application of deep pressure to the point of pain to
release muscle spasm and ease tension in the muscle, thereby
relieving long term muscular pain.
See reflexology
Based on a theory that the way a person uses their body affects
their general health. This technique encourages people to optimise
their health by teaching them to stand, sit and move according to
the body's 'natural design and function'. This is, in essence, a
taught technique, rather than a therapy. The practitioner will help
the client to re-educate their body to take up the correct posture for
everyday tasks such as sitting, standing and walking.
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Allergy Treatments
Ancient Medicine
Aroma Therapy
Aromatherapy for
Assemblage Point
Auricular (ear)
Auricular Acupuncture
Australian Bush Flower
Autogenic Training
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Technique
Baby Massage
Bach Flower Remedies
Balinese Massage
Beauty and Health
Biodynamic Massage
Biomagnet Therapy
'Anthroposophy' describes people in terms of their physicality, their
soul and their spirit. Anthroposophical medicine aims to stimulate a
person's natural healing forces through studying the influence of
their soul and spirit on their physical body.
See Aromatherapy
Use of plant extract essential oils inhaled, used as a massage oil, or
occasionally ingested. Common in France but practised there by
medical doctors only. Can be used to alleviate specific symptoms or
as a relaxant. Essential oils which are extracts from plants and
herbs are used through massage to alleviate a wide variety of
conditions. A specific blend of oils will be chosen which is specific to
the clients individual needs. Especially effective for stress-related
conditions. Advice can also be given on the use of essential oils in
vaporisers, bathing, compresses, etc.
Practitioners with this qualification will have expertise in using
Aromatherapy techniques in the context of the caring professions
such as in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and at home with
dependant relatives.
See Acupuncture
See Acupuncture. This treatment involves acupuncture on the ear
See Flower Remedies
An ancient discipline, originating in India, based upon the principle
of mind- spirit-body interaction and employing natural herbs,
usually mixtures, in treatment.
See Ayurveda
See Ayurveda
Parents are taught how to increase bonding by the gentle
application of body massage to their babies. The result is often less
stressed babies and more confident parents.
See Flower Remedies
General term which encompasses both treatments and products
used for beautification, cosmetic appearance improvement and
support of personal Health and Wellbeing
Based on Chinese Herbal medicine, the BioPhytoceutics process
identifies which active ingredients in each herb are absorbable
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
through the intestine or by the skin, then ensures that each dose of
the resulting product contains guaranteed amounts of these active
ingredients so that it can be applied as a cream to the skin or in
tablet form for ingestion.
Body Alignment
Body Brushing &
Body Talk
Body Work
A technique used to gently exfoliate the skin. Particularly relaxing
and helpful to the lymphatic and immune systems.
Bowen Technique
Bowen Therapy
Bowen Vibromuscular
Breema Exercise
Buteyko Breathing
Canadian Candling
Candle Healing
Charismatic Healing
Chevutti Thai
Chi Kung
Chinese Cupping
Chinese Face Massage
Chinese Herbal
Chinese Medicine
Chinese Reflexology
Chiron Healing
Chiropractic Healing
Circuit Training
Therapies that use rubbing, kneading and the application of
pressure to address aches, pains and musculo-skeletal problems.
Often used as a relaxant.
See Body Work
Light and gentle touch therapy to aid self-healing. A truly holistic
treatment invented by Tom Bowen of Australia in the 1950s.
See Bowen Technique
See Ear Candling
See Indian Head Massage
(Pronounced Chikung) Chinese art related to Tai Chi which seeks to
relieve symptoms of excessive unnatural stresses which often
contribute to other ailments. Similar to Yoga, participants learn
breathing techniques and slow movements.
See Traditional Chinese medicine. A tradition of medicine used for
thousands of years in China, which has its own system of diagnosis.
Uses combinations of herbs to address a wide range of health
See Traditional Chinese medicine
See Reflexology
Chiropractic was originally based on the idea that ‘reduced nerve
flow’ led to disease. Used almost entirely to treat musculo-skeletal
complaints through adjusting muscles, tendon, and joint positions
especially of the spine by manipulation and massage techniques.
Diagnostic procedures include case histories, conventional clinical
examination, electrical impulse resistance and x-rays.
See Chiropractic
Uses a series of exercises carried out in rotation to achieve overall
fitness or to address specific areas. Each series will be specifically
designed to suit your needs.
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Rooms where people attend for assistance with treatment of
specific minor complaints through to major illness. Practitioners
and not necessarily supported with any medical knowledge
Cognitive Therapy
Colon Hydrotherapy
Colour Analysis
Colour Therapy
Combination Therapy
Cosmetic Ray
Counselling Bereavement
Counselling Relationship
Counselling for a
Counselling Stress
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Crystal Acupuncture
Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Daoyin Tao
Deep Tissue Massage
Find out which colours suit you best. Improve your self-esteem,
mood and effectiveness through the correct use of colour.
Exposure to different parts of the colour spectrum will induce
physical and emotional changes in the body. Coloured water may
be used and visualization of different colours can also be
experienced during treatments.
See Counselling. Specialises in the area of bereavement
See Counselling. Specialises in the area of Relationships
Specific advice relating to the match and applicability of treatments
and techniques for health and wellbeing of the individual
A series of psychical therapies that attempt to help patients to work
through their thoughts and to reflect on their lives so as to
maximise wellbeing.
Discovered in the early 1900’s by Dr William Sutherland it is based
upon the premise that the movement of the skull bones results in
different tidal motions in the body which directly reflects the state
of health of the bodily systems, mental and emotional states. The
treatment will consist of the therapist placing their hands lightly on
the client’s head or sacrum and ‘feeling’ for the blockages.
See Cranio Sacral Therapy
Based on the idea that crystals can absorb and transmit energy and
that the body has a continuing fluctuating energy which the crystal
helps to tune. Crystals are often placed in patterns around the
patient's body to produce an energy network to adjust the patient's
energy field or 'aura'.
See Bodywork. Uses the more intense and deeper massage
See Nutritional Medicine
Traditionally used as a way to identify water sources underground.
Is not itself a therapy but is used by a range of other disciplines to
answer questions through intuitive skills. Often used in conjunction
with Radionics.
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Ear candling
Also known as Thermal-Auricular or Hopi Ear Candling. This
technique was named after the Native American Tribe who are said
to have used them. The candles are hollow tubes made from linen,
honey and herbs. These are placed in the ear and lighted. Once
removed the ear is massaged. The benefits are said to help a
number of conditions affecting the head, ears and sinuses
See Tibb
Eastern Medicine
Electronic Healing
Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT)
Energy Healing
Environmental Medicine
Exercise Advice
Exercise and Fitness
Exercise to Music
See Bodywork
Facial Massage
See Holistic Facial Massage
Facial Reflexology
Feldenkrais Method
Feng Sui
Fitball Training
Fitness Assessment
Flower Essences
The theory behind flower remedies is that flowers contain the life
force of the plant and this is imprinted into water through sun
infusion which is used to make the flower remedy. Flower remedies
are often used to help patients let go of negative thoughts; usually
flower remedies are ingested. Invented by Dr Edward Bach each
plant and flower extract in Bach Flower Remedies is devised to
address a particular emotional condition.
Flower Remedies
See Flower Esseences
Group Exercise
Gymnasium Based
Hand Massage
See Bodywork
Hand Reflexology
see 'Reflexology'
Hands Free Massage
See Bodywork. Massage using the arm, elbow or foot rather than
the hands of the therapist to help the practitioner avoid RSI
(Repetitive Strain Injury)
Hawaiian Massage
A system of spiritual healing, sometimes based on prayer and
religious beliefs, that attempts to tackle illness through nonphysical means, usually by directing thoughts towards an individual.
Often involves 'the laying on of hands'.
Healing Circles
Heat & Bath
Hydrotherapy can be very effective in relieving stress and aches
and pains. A range of spa treatments may be offered including
Sauna, Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, etc.
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Herbal Medicine
A system of medicine which uses various remedies derived from
plants and plant extracts to treat disorders and maintain good
health. Another term for this type of treatment is phytotherapy.
See Herbal Medicine
See Herbal Medicine
Holistic Face & Body
Holistic Facial Massage See Bodywork
A therapy based on the theory of treating like with like.
Homeopathic remedies use highly diluted substances that if given in
higher doses to a healthy person would produce the symptoms that
the dilutions are being given to treat. In assessing the patient
homeopaths often take into account a range of physical, emotional
and lifestyle factors which contribute to the diagnosis.
Hopi Ear Candles
See Ear Candling
Hot Stone Massage
See Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy
See Stone Therapy
Huna Teachings
A massage technique using a cushion of warm water beneath the
clients and involves a pulling rather than a pushing action. Clients
usually lie on their back and therefore it is particularly suitable for
those who cannot lie on their stomachs to receive a massage such
as pregnant women or those with back problems, etc.
The use of hypnosis in treating behavioural disease and
dysfunction, principally mental disorders.
Indian Head Massage
Also known as Champissage, this ancient technique involves the
massage and rubbing of the whole head and scalp area as well as
the neck and shoulders. It is amongst the best stress-relieving
techniques and clients will often fall asleep during a treatment. It
can be performed anywhere as no clothing need be removed. It can
be combined with Chakra cleansing and essential oils.
Indonesian Massage
Infant Massage Tuition See Baby Massage
Infra-Red Treatments
Inner Child
Interferential Therapy
Intuitive Healing
Inversion Table
The study of the Iris of the eye to determine information about
bodily health. A method of diagnosing problems and assessing
health status that relies on studying the iris of the eye and noting
marks and changes.
Iris Mapping
See Iridology
Japanese Holistic
Jin Shin
Jin Shin Jyutsu
See Jin Shin
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Jo Rei
See Jo Rei
A manipulative therapy by which a patient's physical, chemical,
emotional and nutritional imbalances are assessed by a system of
muscle testing. The measurement of variation in stress resistance
of groups of muscles is said to identify deficiencies and imbalances,
thus enabling diagnosis and treatments by techniques which usually
involve strengthening the body's energy through acupressure
points. The muscle testing technique is used to detect minor
functional imbalances. It is gentle and painless.
Kundilini Rising
LA Hot Stone Therapy
LA Stone Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Life Coaching
Lifestyle Management
Light Heat Energy
Light Therapy
Lomi Lomi
Magnet Therapy
Magnified Healing
Maharishi Ayurvedic
Manual Lymphatic
Marigold Therapy
Massage and
Massage with
Aromatherapy Oil
Mechanical & Electrical
Meridian Therapies
See Stone Therapy
See Stone Therapy
A system which promotes transcendental meditation, derived from
the Vedic tradition in India. Recommends the use of herbal
preparations similar to those used in Ayurvedic Medicine and
Traditional Chinese medicine.
Also called MLD, this massage technique focuses on the specific
areas of the body where the lymph nodes are located. The massage
is particularly useful in reducing puffiness or water retention that
often occurs in the limbs. Conditions such as Lymphoedema (a
blockage of the lymph nodes) can be particularly helped by this
See Bodywork
See Bodywork. Applies specific and cerful consideration of the
issues and practices required at different stages through pregnancy.
See Bodywork and Aromatherapy. This is massage using preblended oil blends supplied commercially to a NON-aromatherapy
qualified therapist.
A series of techniques used to relax a patient to facilitate deep
reflection and a clearing of the mind (see Maharishi Ayurvedic
The concept of Meridians is the cornerstone of Chinese therapies.
Meridians are the channels through which energy flows around the
body. By exerting pressure or stimulating (as in acupuncture),
particular points along the Meridian lines the energies can be
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Metamorphic Technique Originated in the 1960’s with the work of Roberts St.John and was
developed in the 70’s by Gaston Saint-Pierre. Metamorphic
Technique is used as the catalyst to unlock the life force of each
individual. By using light touch to the spinal reflex points on the
hands, feet and head the practitioner helps to release blocked
A Chinese medical treatment. Small pyramid –shaped blocks
containing herbs, oils and healing plants are burnt over the clients
body to aid healing.
A method of treatment based on the principle that the natural laws
of life apply inside the body as well as outside. Uses a range of
natural approaches including diet and herbs and encourages
exposure to sun and fresh air to maximise the body's natural
Neck & Shoulder
See Bodywork
Neuro Linguistic
Programming (NLP)
Integration Technique
Nutrition Advice
Nutritional therapists take an assessment of their client, identifying
in what ways the client has problems and what help they need.
Nutritional therapists will then plan diets for their clients on a
progressive basis. Initially identifying the diet that can start helping
the problems but continuing to monitor and adjust it as and when
Nutritional Coaching
Nutritional therapists help to examine, analyse and change dietary
habits to foster a healthy, balanced diet supporting an individual’s
needs, for example in terms of weight gain, weight loss or weight
Nutritional Medicine
Term used to cover the use of nutritional methods to address and
prevent disease. Uses diets and nutritional supplements. Often used
to address allergies and chronic digestive problems. The difference
between nutritional medicine and dietetics is that nutritional
therapists work independently in accordance with naturopathic
principles and focus on disorders which they believe can be
attributed to nutritional deficiency, food intolerance or toxic
overload. They believe these three factors are involved in a wide
range of health problems. Dieticians usually work under medical
supervision, using diets to encourage healthy eating and tackle a
narrower range of diseases. Nutritional therapists often use
exclusion diets and herbal remedies to tackle patients' problems.
See Nutrition Advice
Occupational Therapy
On Site Massage
See Seated Acupressure Massage
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
A system of diagnosis and treatment, usually by manipulation, that
mainly focuses on musculo-skeletal problems, but a few schools
claim benefits across a wider spectrum of disorders. Historically
differs from chiropractic in its underlying theory that it is
impairment of blood supply and not nerve supply that leads to
problems. However in practice there is less difference than might be
assumed. Mainstream osteopathy focuses on musculo-skeletal
problems; but prior to osteopathy gaining statutory protection of
title, other branches of this therapy purported to diagnose and treat
a range of disorders. One such branch is now known as craniosacral therapy, which should be considered as a distinct therapy
Osteopathy Massage
See Osteopathy
Paraffin Wax Treatment Therapists attend the work-place to give a relaxing massage
Paraffin Wax Treatment – Not a hair removal technique, but one for
warming and softening the skin. It is usually used on the hands or
feet as part of a manicure or pedicure, but can be used around
different joints of the body. The wax is warmed before use and has
a moisturising effect on the skin.
Personal Trainer
The aim of a Personal Trainer is to provide a one to one service that
will initially test the level of your fitness assessing your strengths
and weaknesses. Once a conclusion is reached a fitness programme
adapted to your specific needs will be prepared. The trainer will
teach and supervise you whilst performing these exercises at
regular intervals.
See Herbal Medicine
Posture Analysis
Pranic Healing
Prayer Healing
Psychic Surgery
Qi Gong
See Chi Kung
See Chi Kung
R.E.S.E.T. (Jaw
A type of instrument-assisted healing which attempts to detect
disease before it has physically manifested itself. It is based on the
belief that everyone is surrounded by an invisible energy field which
the practitioner tunes into and then attempts to correct problems
which have been identified. Practitioners believe it can be done over
long distances. Instruments are a focus of the healer's intent and
include sugar tablets which carry the healing 'idea'.
Rainbow Energies
A system of massage of the feet based on the idea that there are
invisible zones running vertically through the body, so that each
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
organ has a corresponding location in the foot. It has also been
claimed to stimulate blood supply and relieve tension. Also called
Reflex Zone Therapy, it consists of pressure and massage of the
reflex points found on the feet (or hands) which mirror the whole
body. It unblocks the energy lines through the Chinese Meridians
aiding self-healing and rebalance. It can be used as a preventative
measure to maintain good health as well as a restorative treatment.
Reflexology For Cancer See Reflexology. Used in the particular support of people suffering
from Cancer.
Regression Therapy
Reiki aims to connect the universal energy with the individual.
Energy flows from the therapist to the client to aid self-healing and
reconnect with the ‘earth force’ or ‘Reiki’. Clients remain fully
clothed during the session and the practitioner’s hands hover above
or lightly touch the body.
Reiki Master
See Reiki
Releasing Entities
Remedial Exercise
Remedial Massage
See Bodywork . A deeper massage than ordinary Swedish
relaxation massage to help relieve particular problem areas. It is
practiced for musculo-skeletal problems. Generally concerned with
Rehabilitaion of Injuries.
Seated Acupressure
A specialist massage treatment performed by through clothes on a
specially constructed chair to de-stress the tired worker.
Seated Massage
See Seated Acupressure Massage
This is a development of Reiki. Reiki is connected with the ‘earth’
force. Seichem incorporates the ‘earth force’ with that of the other
elements of ‘fire,’ ‘water’ and ‘light.’ On a practical level the therapy
works in a similar way to Reiki.
See Seichem
Seven Rays
Shamanic Healing
See Shamanic Healing
A type of massage originating from Japan which aims to stimulate
the body's healing ability by applying light pressure to points across
the body. Relies on the meridian system of 'qi' in a similar way to
traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. An ancient
Japanese therapy. “Shi” means finger and “Atsu” meaning pressure.
Similar to acupressure, fingers and thumbs are used to apply
pressure at specific points around the body. Treatment can be
given through loose clothing and often takes place a floor level. It
combines acupressure with the philosophy of Chinese medicine.
Skeletal Balancing
Slavic Massage
Sleep Therapy
Soul Healing
Sound Frequencies
Sound Therapy
Speech and Language
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Spinal Touch Therapy
Spiritual Healing
Sports Event Massage
Sports Injuries
Sports Laser Therapy
Sports Massage
Sports Therapy
Stone Therapy
Stress Management
Stress Massage
Swedish Massage
Taping & Bandaging
Taping & Strapping
Thai Foot Massage
Thai Hand Massage
Thai Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Aims to help correct the influence of poor spinal posture on the
whole body. Measurements will be taken of your spinal alignment
before treatment begins. A gentle massage will then take place
along your back and a reassessment given at the end of the
See Bodywork. Uses intense massage techniques particularly
suitable for those who have been or intend to be involved with
sporting activity.
See Bodywork. Uses a range of different massage techniques
including palpation, soft tissue release, strain-counter strain, neuromuscular technique and others.
See Bodywork. This uses specific different massage techniques to
promote efficient healing of injuries caused by sporting or other
activities to the body's soft tissue. It is generally used in the
maintenance of fitness, both pre and post event massage. The
therapist will choose massage techniques according to the tissue
damage present not the cause of the problem.
See Bodywork. Sports Therapy is a range of manual and mechanical
treatments which is used to improve sports injuries and maintain a
desired level of fitness.
Heated smooth lava stones and frozen marble stones are placed on
the body and used during a gentle massage. The result is a deep
intense massage therapy.
Stress management treatments usually work on counselling clients
so they are able to identify the main stress factors in their life,
remove which ones they can and then how best to deal with the
others. Common stress management treatments include: Individual Exercise plans, Body Massage, Aromatherapy,
Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Dietary advice and Holistic
Facial Massage
See Bodywork
See Bodywork
Use of tape and bandages with specialised application to aid with
support and injury prevention for soft tissue and joints
See Taping and Bandaging
See Thai Massage
See Thai Massage
A particularly vigorous form of massage involving the stretching of
the client into different positions. The practitioner will use their
hands, arms, legs and feet to achieve this end. Usually done at floor
See Bodywork.
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
Therapeutic Touch
Therapy (Ear candle)
Thought Field Therapy
Tibetan Acupressure
Head Massage
Tong Ren
Touch Therapy
Traditional Chinese
Trager Work
Tui Na Massage
Ultrasound Therapy
Vertical Reflexology
Vibrational Therapy
Vision Improvement
and Therapies
Weight Management
Yoga Therapy
Zen Body Therapy
Zero Balancing
See Touch Therapy
See Ear Candling
Tibb is a tradition which synthesises elements of health philosophy
from Egypt, India, China and classical Greece. It literally means
'nature'. The concept of wholeness and balance permeates the
principle of Tibb. Imbalance is thought to cause disease. It is
thought to occur on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual. Tibb uses a range of treatments including massage,
manipulation, dietary advice and herbal medicine, and a
psychotherapeutic approach to restore imbalances which are
considered the cause of disease.
The theory behind Traditional Chinese medicine is that the body is a
dynamic energy system. There are two types of energy - Yin qi and
Yang qi - and it is thought if there is an imbalance in Yin and Yang
qi then symptoms occur. Traditional Chinese medicine uses a
number of treatment methods to restore the balance of Yin and
Yang qi; these include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and
the exercise technique Qigong.
Chinese massage which rebalances Chi (Qi) energy. Can be done
through clothing and combines massage, accupressure and
manipulation techniques.
Treatment using sound waves beyond the audible spectrum. Used
mainly for the treatment of sports injuries. See “Advanced Clinical
Sports Therapy”.
Sometimes called VRT or the Booth Method it works like
conventional Reflexology but on the ankle and top of the foot rather
than the sole.
A combination of colour, light and sound therapy.
A form of meditation which can be combined with the benefits of
positive thought
A system of adopting postures with related exercises designed to
promote spiritual and physical well-being.
See Yoga
Developed by Dr Fritz Smith in 1973 it is designed to promote good
health and a sense of well-being. Clients begin seated and then
move to a reclining position. The practitioner will concentrate on the
skeletal system and particularly the joints which will receive a
gentle touch. The aim is to create harmony and balance.
Zone Therapy
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Techniques and Therapies Data Sheet
The H Club
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