Dental Nurse

Name of Business:-
Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999
Occupational Sector
Job Title
Dental Nurse
Main Tasks and duties
Recording details about patient, Passing instruments to dentist, Using suction devices,
Preparing materials, Making sure patient is comfortable, Tidying dental surgery, Sterilising
instruments, Answering telephone, Making appointments, Dealing with paperwork, Money
handling, Taking deliveries
Specific Hazard Identified
Sharps e.g. dental probes,
carvers, burnishers,
excavators, drill bits, syringes
Risks – cuts, puncture wounds, grazes,
infections through cuts
Chemicals e.g. medicines,
mouthwash, sterilising
solutions, cleaning materials
Risks –Irritation to eyes or skin,
poisoning, infection, respiratory
problems, dermatitis, allergic reactions
Current Control Measures
Manual handling e.g. setting up
dentist chair, deliveries
Risks – back injuries from lifting heavy
loads, long term back injuries from
repeated strain on back, other injuries
from dropping loads
Fire e.g. ignition of flammable
materials, contact of materials
with hot surfaces
Risks – Burns or respiratory damage
from fire caused by flammable materials
igniting, electrical fires
Secure and appropriate storage and
handling devices e.g. grips, covers
Employees trained in correct
procedures including passing
Personal protective equipment e.g.
Suitable disposal e.g. sharps box
Treatments and other chemicals
stored and labelled correctly
Employees are aware of spill
procedures and spills are dealt with
Chemicals are chosen for use that
pose the least risk to health and safety
Personal protective equipment e.g.
gloves and goggles
Lifting equipment provided that is
suitable and well maintained e.g.
trolley for moving deliveries
Manual handling is eliminated where
Employees aware of lifting
techniques/measures to reduce risk of
injury e.g. using levers
Flammable materials stored and
labelled correctly e.g. cardboard
Fire systems in place as identified in
fire risk assessment e.g. smoke
detectors, fire extinguishers, fire
points, fire doors
Employees fully aware of emergency
No smoking in certain storage areas
e.g. chemical storage
Electrical systems and portable
electrical equipment maintained and fit
for purpose e.g. fused and rated
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Additional controls for the
young person to make sure
the risk is adequately
Young person instructed in
how to handle and dispose
of sharps
Young person instructed on
chemical hazards and risks
Young person not permitted
to use or handle hazardous
chemicals e.g. bleach
Young person instructed on
appropriate lifting
techniques and advised of
equipment and procedures
e.g. how to use lifting
equipment, how to ask for
assistance in lifting
Young person informed of
all emergency procedures
Young person added to list
of staff for roll call in the
event of a fire or drill
will apply
to this
(tick box)
Workplace conditions e.g.
lighting, ventilation,
temperature, floor
Risks – Slips, trips and falls resulting in
fractures, bruises, grazes or cuts from
contact with sharp edges, respiratory
difficulties, dehydration
Radiation e.g. X-rays
Risks – Over-exposure to X-rays
Display screen equipment e.g.
entering patient details,
updating patient records,
making appointments
Risks – Work Related Upper Limb
Disorders, Headaches, Other aches and
pains, Eye discomfort
Electricity e.g. drills, lights,
Risks – Electrocution, burns
Heat e.g. autoclave or other
sterilising equipment
Risks – Burns, scalds, skin damage
Biological agents e.g. direct
contact with clients, infection
through cuts or abrasions, loss
of oils to skin
Risks – skin infections, blood transmitted
Workplace is generally clean and tidy
Adequate lighting, heating and
ventilation is provided
Workplace and fittings are well
Young person advised on
housekeeping procedures
Appropriate shielding in place
X-ray only taken where necessary and
nurse only used to assist where
necessary otherwise kept away from
Employees instructed on appropriate
Employees advised on correct posture
and use of display screen equipment
Suitable workstation set up e.g.
adjustable chair, sufficient workspace,
adequate upper limb support
Suitable lighting or anti-glare devices
e.g. anti glare screens
Regular breaks or job rotation in place
Health surveillance e.g. regular eye
Electrical systems in good condition
Repair work carried out by competent
Portable appliance leads etc in good
Portable equipment regularly
inspected and correctly fused and
Employees are suitable trained and
competent in use of equipment
Insulated and fire retardant handles
and surfaces
Retrieval equipment provided e.g. long
handled tongs, handles
Warnings on hot surfaces e.g. warning
signs, lights
Personal protective equipment e.g.
Employees trained in appropriate
hygiene and risks of biological agents
so can inform doctor should symptoms
Restriction on treatment of clients with
certain infections e.g. infectious skin
Hygienic practices and procedures in
place e.g. correct waste disposal
Toilet and canteen facilities available
Personal protective equipment e.g.
Young persons segregated
from X-ray activities
Young persons advised of
necessary precautions to
reduce risk of injury or
discomfort when using
display screen equipment
Regular breaks
Suitable workspace set up
for work or observation e.g.
suitable chair
Young persons not
permitted to undertake
electrical repairs or
maintenance on live
Young person advised of
risks e.g. on observing use
of specialised equipment
Young person is aware of
hot surfaces and other
areas where excessive heat
is an issue
Personal protective
equipment e.g. gloves
Young person instructed on
appropriate hygiene
Young person given advice
on risks of biological agents
and symptoms
Young persons segregated
from clients with infectious
Young persons risk assessment completed by:- __________________________ Date:- ________
Name of student:- ___________________________________________________________________
Copy of risk assessment sent to:- ______________________________________
A copy of the risk assessment will be sent to the students via the school/college
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Date:- ________