Epic- An extended narrative poem recounting actions, travels

Did you know??
The Ramayana, extolling the adventures of Rama, is one
of the most beloved stories of India. With origins in India over
2000 years ago, the tale of Rama was carried initially by
storytellers and has taken root throughout much of Southeast
Asia, including the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei,
Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia. The Ramayana has long been
a powerful theme in Indian visual and performing arts,
literature and religion. The story lives on today through shadow
puppetry and other art forms, such as poetry, literature, comic
books, film, drama, and painting.
Epic- An extended narrative poem recounting actions, travels,
adventures, and heroic episodes.
The main character or protagonist is heroically larger than
life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero
The deeds of the hero are presented without favoritism,
revealing his failings as well as his virtues
The action, often in battle, reveals the more-than-human
strength of the heroes as they engage in acts of heroism and
The setting covers several nations, the whole world, or even
the universe
The episodes, even though they may be fictional, provide an
explanation for some of the circumstances or events in the
history of a nation or people
The gods and lesser divinities play an active role in the
outcome of actions
How does The Ramayana classify as an epic story? Please answer
this question using 3-4 of the reasons above, and provide examples
from the story as you create your written response. (10 points)