Review Sheet (Vocabulary Terms): Matching

Review Sheet (Vocabulary Terms): Matching.
1. Capital Resources 2. Economic Specialization 3. Goods -
A. Energy from people used to
produce goods and services (e.g.,
workers, and employees).
B. Products used by producers and
consumers that are tangible.
4. Human Resources
5. Interdependence -
C. Items from nature that are used to
produce goods and services (e.g.,
air, water, trees).
6. Natural Resources 7. Producer 8. Services 9. Opportunity Cost10. Consumer-
D. Man-made items that are used in
the production of goods and
services (e.g., computers, tools,
E. Two or more people depending on
one another to complete a task or
goal. Occurs as a result of
economic specialization.
F. Things producers do for consumers
that do not result in tangible
G. Professions that focus their efforts
in one specific area.
H. Value of the best alternative when
making any choice.
I. A person or group that supplies a
good or service to a consumer.
J. A person or group that receives a
good/service from a producer.