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Shipping to Canada Instructions
For Credit Card Purchases
The following information is required for Canada Customs compliance purposes and MUST be included
with ALL shipments:
A Commercial Invoice or Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) containing all pertinent information.
The University of Saskatchewan contact information including the individual’s name, phone number,
department name and address, plus the name of the University’s customs broker – Livingston International
Inc. (this information must be included on all documents).
“Credit Card Purchase” must be marked on the outside of the package.
The actual value of goods and currency of settlement, e.g. U.S. funds, Canadian funds, etc. If “no charge”
samples or “free goods” are being sent, the actual replacement value of the sample or fair market value must
be indicated. Stating a nominal value or “no commercial value” is NOT acceptable.
The Country of Origin – the country where the goods were manufactured, NOT where the goods are being
shipped from.
The full and complete description of the shipment contents. Please note that indicating a part number or
“printed matter” is NOT adequate.
A NAFTA Certificate of Origin (if applicable) to reduce duty assessment.
100% accuracy is essential on all documentation to meet customs compliance requirements.
The following statements may apply to this order – review carefully and follow the applicable instructions:
 For orders > $1600 CAD, fax a Commercial Invoice or Canada Customs Invoice and Waybill Number to the
University of Saskatchewan’s customs broker – Livingston International Inc. Fax: (204) 783-8379 / Ph: (866)
558-6612 or (204) 775-1766.
 If perishable or dry ice shipments, do not ship after Tuesday.
 For products covered under WHIMIS (shipments of animal origin, serums, chemicals, biologicals, hazardous
goods, large quantities of cleaning supplies, etc.), 2 copies of the MSDS are required.
 Electrical equipment must be certified for use in Saskatchewan by one or more of its recognized testing
agencies. If not, please review the Electrical Equipment Certification Information and download the Electrical
Equipment Certification form. Please complete and return for shipping approval.
 For shipments from countries other than the USA: Shipments containing wood packaging materials noncompliant with Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requirements will be returned to place of origin.
 If the goods are exempt from the Automated Export System (AES), please quote the following Canadian
exemption code NOEEI 30.36 on your shipping documents (i.e. bill of lading). Refer to the U.S. Census
Bureau for additional information.
Potential Canada Customs clearance problems can be avoided by following the instructions above. Failure to do so may
result in border delays, seizure of goods, monetary fines and/or destroyed shipments. Thank you in advance for your
Contacts for further information:
Customs Broker:
University of Saskatchewan:
Livingston International Inc.
(866) 558-6612 or (204) 775-1766
(204) 783-8379
Procurement & Contracts Specialist: Robin Stotz
Tel: (306) 966-6710
Fax: (306) 966-8342
Email: [email protected]
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PCard Administrator: Laurier Langlois
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Email: [email protected]
Updated April 2009
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