bm590: computational neuroscience. fall 2009 syllabus

Instructor: Doç.Dr. Burak Güçlü
Office: A2-12; Phone: (216) 5163467; E-mail:
Class hours: Th. 9-12; Location: AZ19
Office hours: By appointment
Textbook: Spikes, decisions, and actions: The dynamical foundations of neuroscience,
H.R. Wilson, Oxford, 1999
Theoretical neuroscience: Computational and mathematical modeling of neural systems,
P.Dayan and L.F. Abbott, MIT Press, 2001.
References: Principles of Neural Science, E.R. Kandel et al., McGraw Hill/Appleton&Lange, 2000
The Neuron: Cell and molecular biology, I.B. Levitan and L.K. Kaczmarek, Oxford, 1997
Cellular Physiology of Nerve and Muscle, G.G. Matthews, Blackwell, 2003
Neurobiology, G.M. Shepherd, Oxford, 1994
Grading: Homework 80%, Classwork: 20%
Prerequisite: None
Additional information:
1) This is a new course with selected topics. The topics will be selected according to the classwork performance.
2) The course is aimed for graduate students who would like to supplement their research work with computational
3) The textbooks are mandatory. Additional class notes and journal articles will be provided.
4) The course will be conducted similar to a workshop. Each student should bring a notebook computer for performing
the classwork.
5) Computational exercises will be mostly performed in MATLAB. Basic computer skills are essential.