Skills and Abilities

Coordinator of Student Disability Services
Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office
This full-time position will report to the Senior Associate Dean of Students. This position is
responsible for education, services and support for students with learning differences as well as
assisting with other students of concern as needed. The Coordinator will work with the Dean of
Students Office, the faculty, Center for Academic Excellence, Emmons Wellness Center,
Residential Education and Housing Services, and other staff, to coordinate disability support
services at Occidental College. This position is responsible for focusing on educational skill
building, documentation assessment, and accommodation determination for students. The
Coordinator will also provide educational training on serving the needs of students with
disabilities for faculty and staff.
This position will serve as an ambassador for the Culture of Care by aiding students in need of
additional support to address academic or personal challenges. The Coordinator will collaborate
with members of the Occidental campus community to connect students to the appropriate
resources while maintaining an appropriate level of privacy.
Essential Functions
 Serve as the ADA, Section 504 compliance officer for students
 Stay current on federal and state regulations to develop and refine appropriate policies
and procedures
 Analyze data on the various types of disabilities, identify trends and assess needs
 Review requests for reasonable accommodations to include testing/exam adjustments,
accessibility to campus facilities, advocacy, adapted materials, and graduate school
standardized testing advising for students with disabilities; responsible for appropriate
scheduling to facilitate such accommodations
 Educate faculty and staff on meeting the needs of students with disabilities
 Evaluate assistive technologies and execute student accommodation needs
 Understand the College’s student conduct policy as it pertains and relates to the physical
or mental health and safety of all students
 Provide assistance to the campus community including the Dean of Students Office,
Center for Academic Excellence, Residential Education and Housing Services,
department directors, academic advisors, faculty, staff, parents, and Emmons Student
Wellness Center and other outside resources when needed on issues involving students
with disabilities
 Follow-up with the appropriate parties on crisis incidents, including hospitalizations
 Adhere to FERPA in maintaining records and reports required by the College, state, and
federal agencies on programs, policies, and trends
 Work with students to resolve issues and problems not addressed at the
department/program level to ensure that students achieve their academic goals
 As a learning-centered institution, all staff will be evaluated on learning outcomes
assessment, effectively adhering to deadlines, maintaining the highest level of
professionalism and ethics, and providing exemplary customer service in a civil and
collegial environment
 Other duties as assigned or requested
Job Qualifications
 Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Student Affairs Higher Education,
Rehabilitation Counseling, or other related programs; Bachelor’s Degree with five years’
experience in social work, counseling, education, vocational rehabilitation or a related
field. Professional licensure not required
 Two years’ experience in providing disability services and knowledge of disability issues
 Excellent human relations skills
 Ability to effectively respond to occasional crisis phone calls
 High degree of personal/professional integrity, respect for privacy and confidentiality, a
sense of ethics and a commitment to educating students
Skills and Abilities
 Remain current on legal issues in higher education; including policy formulation,
implementation and compliance
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Strong interpersonal skills with students, parents, staff, and faculty
 Excellent communication skills required; must have good organizational skills
 Strong computer and analytical skills
 Ability to work effectively as either a leader or a team member to insure that
departmental goals are met
 Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
 Ability to understand student development issues in post-secondary education
To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to: [email protected]