Sociology Final Exam Review

Sociology Final Exam Review
Fall 2010
1. Understand the Functionalist View of mass media as an
a. Agent of socialization
b. Enforcer of social norms
c. Conferrer of status
d. Promoter of consumption
e. Explain the Narcotizing Effect
2. Understand the Conflict View of mass media as a
a. Gatekeeper
b. Promoter of Dominant Ideology
3. What is an opinion leader?
4. Who is Banksy? Why is his behavior considered deviant?
5. What is the difference between conformity and obedience?
6. Describe some informal and formal social controls that are in place in American
society today.
7. What is Merton’s Theory of Deviance?
8. What is Labeling Theory?
9. Be able to discuss Karl Marx view of class differentiation (chapter 8)
10. How do we measure social class using the objective method?
11. Be able to discuss the types of social mobility and the important factors that lead
people in the US to move up the social ladder.
12. Discuss basic wealth distribution issues in the US.
13. From Chapter 12, be able to discuss courtship and mate selection issues.
14. Discuss the manifest and latent functions of religion and education.
a. Be able to give an example of each.