The Reproductive System Vocabulary
1. reproductive system – the organ system that enables humans and
other animals to reproduce.
2. sperm – a male sex cell.
3. egg – a female sex cell.
4. fertilization - the process in which a sperm cell unites with an egg
5. testes – the male reproductive organs that produce sperm.
6. hormones - a chemical made in one part of the body that affects
the activities of cells in other parts of the body.
7. ovary – the female reproductive organ that produces eggs.
8. fallopian tube – the organ of the female reproductive system
that transports eggs from an ovary to the uterus.
9. uterus – the organ of the female reproductive system that holds
and nourishes a growing fetus.
vagina – the structure of the female reproductive system
through which a baby exits the mother’s body cavity during birth,
also called the birth canal.
zygote – a new cell formed when an egg cell is fertilized.
placenta – a fluid-filled organ through which materials are
exchanged between the mother and the developing offspring of
humans and other mammals.