Rev War Battles Chart & Map


Key Battles of the American Revolution

Instructions: Please read through Chapter 4 Sections 3 & 4 (pages 113-123) to help you fill in the information required on the chart. When you are finished, create a map using the handout to identify the location of each battle. Be sure to create a key to indicate whether or not the battle was an American VICTORY or LOSS…color-coding is a suggestion.

Northern Campaign Event EXAMPLE Long Island, NY Trenton Philadelphia Saratoga Date (Mo/Yr) Summer 1776 Major Leaders/Key Names British-General William Howe & Admiral Richard Howe American-General Washington American Victory or Loss Loss

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Important Details Americans were surrounded by British on land and sea British were assisted by Hessian mercenaries Americans were highly outnumbered Washington and his men were lucky to be able to retreat Many of Washington’s men deserted or were captured/killed

Event Charlestown Cowpens Guilford Court House Yorktown Date (Mo/Yr) Major Leaders/Key Names Southern Campaign American Victory or Loss Important Details