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1) Which is the first electronic computer?
2) In Second Generation of computer, what is replaced by which one?
3) What is the unit of computer memory?
4) Name at least 5 processor, available in market.
5) Which controls the properties of computer system?
6) In start menu which help us for searching any file or folder?
7) How many types of software and what are they?
8) There are how many column & row, in an excel-worksheet?
9) What is the extension name of a excel file?
10) Which sign is used before typing a formula?
11) Which is the first electronic spread sheet?
12) Give two examples of “Presentation Graphics”.
13) Which option is used to rotate any object in 180°angle?
14) How many types of tilt option & what are they?
15) How many types of windows & what are they?
16) Who invented C programming in which year & where?
17) Which symbols are used for typing character & float?
18) Which symbol is used for comparing purpose?
19) Write the shortcut key of minimize an application window?
20) Who invented the “Difference Engine”? What is done by it?
1) What are the main parts of computer?
2) Give the examples of Input & Output devices.
3) Which is the brain of computer?
4) What are the parts of C.P.U.?
5) How the monitor looks?
6) What are the types of computers based on processing & storing
7) Write the classification of computers & what are they?
8) Give two examples of Micro Computer.
9) Who is the father of computer?
10) What is computer?
11) From which word computer is named?
12) Who is the inventor of “stepped wheel calculating machine”?
13) Which computer works both analog & digital task?
14) From which word “analog” comes?
15) Where the Super Computers are used?
16) What are the characteristics of computer?
17) How many types of memory & what are they?
18) What is used in first generation of computer?
19) How many types of Memory & what are they?
20) G.U.I. stands for what?